emWave2 · emWave2 FAQs · emWave2 User Tips · emWave Pro · emWave Pro ( Mac) · emWave Pro (PC) · HeartCloud · Downloads and Software Updates. digital devices, sensor and connector issues, user’s manual, HeartCloud assistance, app features and training emWave Pro and emWave2 desktop software. Jun 21, Is there a user manual available? This Inner Balance What is the difference between Inner Balance and the emWave Pro? Inner Balance is a.

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Follow the links below to obtain additional resources for health professionals. Essentially, it helps patients step aside from their pain.

We encourage you to register for our Health Professional program where you will receive occasional announcements relevant to health professionals, including teleseminars and additional resources. Orientation Schedule mannual teleclasses and training. Health Professional Speaker Webinar Series.

A 1-hour teleclass to hear how other health professionals are using the emWave2 technologies with clients and the results they are seeing. Recordings of previous calls are available at the link. Learning experiences available for everyone are on this site.

HeartMath Institute Free Download Library — a variety of publications, many of interest to health professionals. Heart Rhythm Technologies Help your clients develop internal awareness, stress reduction, emotional management, and self-regulation skills. Easy-to-use interactive computer program that displays heart rhythms and shows how stress may be affecting the body.

The health professional version includes a practitioner’s guide and client handouts. Includes installers for both Windows and Macintosh computers.

It offers clients an easy and fun way to practice HeartMath’s stress reduction techniques on the go and then download those sessions to the desktop program. Take a look at the online application videos.

emWave Software Tour

In addition, a practice plan is available. The app screens are dynamic and informative, giving you complete information during sessions, as well as your session history. See the walk-thru video here. A comprehensive, scientific survey with multiple dimensions; online with immediate results; completely anonymous and confidential. The State of Ease This booklet discusses a “state of ease” that each of us can access to help release emotional turbulence and help maintain coherent alignment between our heart, mind and emotions.

De-Stress Kit for these Changing Times Contains simple, practical ways for anyone dealing with the stress of the uncertain economic environment to develop coping skills and improve deaktop.

A Spanish version and a bookletized version that you can print with your contact information are also available at the link Tools for Well-Being — versions of the Quick Coherence technique for various age groups.

HeartMath Interventions Certification Program. A in-depth clinical program delivered as five weekly 1.

Heartmath Benelux – emWave Pro

Designed for licensed health professionals who want advanced training on adding HeartMath tools and technologies into their clinical practice. Health professionals become certified to teach HeartMath tools and techniques using specially designed workbooks with their individual clients. For practitioners who use a coaching model in their practice Training is conducted at the HeartMath research and conference center in Boulder Creek, CA U.


This book contains leading-edge science, practical information and easy-to-use techniques to increase desitop intuitive, creative, heart-centered aspects of your personality and bring more heart intelligence into your life.

It hangs on everyone’s lips from the first miles of the morning commute until the screeching alarm clock starts yet another day. Countless articles and studies tell the same story: This book describes a simple, straightforward method readers can learn and practice to literally transform stress by shifting the heart’s own rhythms. Desitop you are dealing with anger manua can’t quite seem to manage, this book can give you hope, as well as practical tools to successfully handle this emotion.

You’ll learn that the heart provides a unique access point from which anyone can regulate many of their reaction patterns. The heart is so powerful – generating sixty times the electrical amplitude of the brain – that it can draw your brain, nervous system, and emotions into its coherent rhythms and unlock more of your own innate intelligence.

Anxiety has become rampant in today’s fast-paced society. Why this is occurring and what individuals can do to overcome fear and worry and create more serenity, especially during uncertain times, is the important subject matter of this book.

Most people have some anxiety about themselves, their family, and their future. Anxiety about the world’s problems—climate changes, terrorism, diseases—is also on the rise. But increasingly, people experience unremitting anxiety that can turn into an anxiety disorder.

Foreword by Frank Lawlis, Ph. You’re bombarded all day, every day by deadlines, demands, and news, much of it bad, from across the street and around the world. After awhile, this constant sense of being overwhelmed, fatigued, and stretched to the limit can leave you feeling hopeless and uninterested in things that you used to enjoy.

In other words, you have become depressed.

emWave Pro

By using the HeartMath deskop in this book, you’ll learn how to tap into new resources of energy and creativity and find new ways to connect with the people in your life. In no time, your feelings of depression will lessen and dramatic changes will take place in your mind and body that will result in better health and greater peace of mind.

D This solution is not a typical weight loss program. This is about understanding and eliminating emotional eating.

The program is designed to show you emaave to manage emotional reactions and dfsktop emotional undercurrents until a new baseline behavior — emwaave neural habit change is achieved. D The emWave Solution for Better Sleep gives you a simple five step Easy Plan program that will help you reset your body’s natural rhythms so you can sleep deeply again and wake up more refreshed and renewed.

Three advanced techniques, the Power Plan, are also provided to further improve your ability to clear stress accumulation and improve sleep patterns. In this program you will learn and use simple techniques along with the emWave Personal Stress Reliever to reset your natural rhythms. It will help you find new balance to improve not only sleep, but other aspects of your life as well. Using mankal emWave and the Deskktop, Prayer and Self-Help Assistant can be a facilitator to any system of meditation, prayer, self-help or healing techniques.

  ASTM D2467 PDF

In this program, all systems and techniques are honored and respected. Whatever practices you follow, using the emWave creates more ease and flow from the heart, which helps you get the most out of your meditations or affirmations and feel the benefits you are seeking more quickly. Follow this guide and you will learn how to use the emWave to experience new enrichment from your efforts.

The emWave and the Meditation, Prayer and Self-Help Assistant will help you develop a deeper heart connection, refine your practices and get more value out of the time and energy you put into them. The Inside Story Booklet: Understanding the Power of Feelings – New for Health Education, Psychology Classes and Counseling The Inside Story is full of vital information tied to the healthy behavior and physiological and psychological well-being of high school and college students.

Drawing on the latest research in neuroscience and emotional physiology, this engaging and visually pleasing text helps students understand the interplay between their bodies, emotions, attitudes, and performance. Coherent Heart The Coherent Heart explores communication within and among the body’s systems through the generation and transmission of rhythms and patterns of psychophysiological activity.

Building on these empirical findings, HMI’s research on the psychophysiology of emotions is synthesized for the first time in a typology—a conceptual “map”—of psychophysiological interaction, which is presented graphically. Explored in depth are the characteristics and benefits of the psychophysiological coherence mode, associated with sustained positive emotions and a global shift to increased synchronization and harmony in psychophysiological processes.

Topics covered include how coherence aids in pain reduction, the interactions between heart rhythms and respiration, and how heart coherence affects emotional experience. Of particular interest is the thorough discussion of how coherence improves cognitive performance, which highlights how the heart and brain interact to affect cognitive processes.

This section provides a review of past research on heart-brain interactions, presents new research data on heart coherence, and introduces a new hypothesis regarding the influence of “macro-scale” patterns of heart activity on cognition.

emWave Pro Desktop Stress Relief System – For PC or Mac

From Chaos to Coherence, by Doc Childre and Bruce Cryer The e revised edition of this seminal book is essential for developing people and powerful organizations that respond gracefully to change, crisis and challenge.

Well-documented examples, biomedical research and organizational case mamual show how to become more effective and reduce stress. Desktkp the “Microsoft of emotional coherence” on Amazon. Quick tips, broadly applicable insights, and great stories about real successes. Health Professional Resource Web site: Webinars by health professionals on incorporating HeartMath into their practices http: Or, send your question in email to Technical Support Send Mail.

HeartMath is a registered trademark of Quantum Intech, Inc. For all HeartMath trademarks go to:

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