FCM KA-A5 Epson Timing Crystals KHz pF 20ppm datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Part No. FCM. Download, FCM Click to view. File Size, Kbytes. Page , 2 Pages. Maker, EPSONTOYOCOM [Epson ToYoCom]. Homepage. Epson FCM KA-A3: available from 9 distributors. Explore Passive Components EPSON TOYOCOM CORPORATION. SEIKO/EPS. EPSON.

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Singapore April 14 The maximum dimensions of the new crystal oscillator, known as the SGBC, are just 2. In today’s world They are also essential for industrial measuring instruments and machine tools and for in-vehicle systems such as navigation systems, GPS modules, and engine control units. In recent years heightened awareness of the need to reduce environmental impacts has been driving demand for ever more compact electronic devices that maintain greater functionality while consuming fewer raw materials and less power.


As tuning-fork crystal units and oscillation circuits become smaller it is becoming increasingly difficult to design combinations with equal or superior stability and power consumption compared to their predecessors.

There is demand for smaller oscillators that satisfy such performance requirements. Epson Toyocom has responded by developing the ultra-compact Epson Toyocom has already previously released industry-leading, ultra-compact With the addition of the SGBC to the lineup, Epson Toyocom now offers comprehensive solutions for both ultra-compact crystal units and oscillators.

Epson Toyocom was able to shrink the size of this oscillator by using a new structure.

Seiko Epson Quartz crystal, Seiko Epson Quartz crystal – SPK ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.

Combining a compact crystal unit with an oscillation circuit rather than providing them separately significantly shrinks the space required. The crystal 1m will also pay dividends in the form of greater system reliability and quality, since the crystal unit’s characteristics will be assured prior to shipment, alleviating the need for customers to design oscillation circuits or adjust output frequencies.


Epson Toyocom’s SGBC is a total solution that will help customers add value to their systems by allowing them to use space more efficiently in feature-rich electronic equipment.

Based on Epson Toyocom research. Newly developed SGBC 2.

We perform precision microfabrication on the quartz material to offer high performance in a compact package. Better heat stress absorption and vibration resistance give the NPO structure higher throughput in batch processing than ceramic packages. toyocpm

Epson Toyocom Develops World’s Smallest Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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