Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China has ratings and reviews. BlackOxford said: Continuity as IllusionI question whether even the C. Ezra F. Vogel tells the story of how a Communist Party official changed China. A look at the career of Deng Xiaoping, who changed China’s course.

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Blumenthal and President Jimmy Carter. I had to wait another 30 years, however, before a definitive biography would be written about Deng, arguably the most globally transformational leader of the 20th century. Fisher, The Wall Street Journal.

It pieces together from interviews and memoirs perhaps the clearest account so far of the revolution that turned China from a totalitarian backwater led by one of the monsters of the 20th century into the power it has become today… Vogel has a monumental story to tell. His main argument is that Deng deserves a central place in the pantheon of 20th-century leaders.

The product of 10 years of work by a leading China scholar, it is essential reading for anybody who wants to understand the evolution of China to the status it occupies today. It offers an enormous compendium of material about the lifelong Communist whose story, even more than that of Mao, reflects the dramatically varying fortunes of his nation in the 20th century… Vogel is an admiring biographer who presents a treasure trove of new information that will delight modern China scholars for years to come.

The pages in which Deng effectively threatens to have then Communist Party Secretary Jiang Zemin dismissed unless he throws his support behind renewing the reform drive are very nearly worth the price of the book alone… On the ways through which Deng set about the enormous task of rebuilding the gutted economy, shattered by decades of turmoil under Mao Zedong, Vogel is exhaustive.

Ezra Vogel, Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China,

Meticulously researched and highly readable, the book is not a typical biography. So we must be thankful to Harvard professor Ezra Vogel for devoting a large chunk of his academic career to compiling a prodigious biography, Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of Chinathe most ambitious account of the man so far. In writing this volume, Vogel has done an enormous amount of work. For that he is to be applauded; there is a whole hoard of valuable material here that we probably would not have gained otherwise.


In these accounts we learn how Deng tried to protect his allies and how he sought trsnsformation undermine his enemies; he fell, rose, fell again, then rose again to the pinnacle position in the second generation of the Communist dynasty. His diligent use of official papers and his privileged access to members of the Chinese Communist elite make this biography of Deng Xiaoping the most complete we are likely to have under the present ruling order.

Deng ordered the Tiananmen crackdown, but he was also the person most responsible deny modernizing China and opening it to trade with the West. Again and again he survived threatening challenges in the Chinese political bureaucracy, to emerge at the top in the late s.

His role in subverting Chinese orthodoxy from the inside is comparable to that of Gorbachev with transfkrmation to the Soviet Union—and he deserves sustained attention such as this landmark book offers. The portrait that emerges is of a visionary authoritarian who helped his nation overcome the self-inflicted wounds of Mao Zedong and achieve enormous economic advances.

Vogel has produced… Vogel is the master of this complex material. He had access to many who knew and worked with Deng, including Jiang Zemin. Deng selected him as Party leader in to succeed Zhao Ziyang, who had been sacked and disgraced because of his opposition to the use of force in Tiananmen Square.

The documentary sources are copious and, in terms of access to material, this study is unlikely to be bettered until the Party opens its most sensitive archives—which could be a long wait.

Nathan, The New Republic.

Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China

Comprehensive as it is, the book is not an expose. But it does ring with authority.

The Harvard professor spent most of the 10 years lining up interviews with people who had first-hand experience of Deng. In the end he spoke to dozens, if not a hundred, of people who knew something about the man… As a result, his depiction of Deng is rich, balanced and colorful. It is all about the grand historic view.

And that is fitting: Vogela renowned specialist on China and Japan who rose to international prominence in with the publication of Japan as Number One: Lessons for Americahas attempted the difficult task of providing a comprehensive look at the experiences and influences that shaped this remarkable individual.

The transformation of China that Deng set in motion is likely to confront the United States with its most significant foreign-policy challenge over the next several decades. Stapleton Roy, Wilson Quarterly. In capturing the most turbulent period in the modern 20th century in this page tome, Vogel contributes an important piece to the historiography of Chinese history. Indispensable in understanding Deng, what he accomplished, and where he fell short.


Vogel recounts how Deng —a leading figure from the s on, was banished when his preference for practicality over class struggle angered Mao Zedong during the disastrous — Cultural Revolution. Deng Xiaoping transformed China economically, politically, and socially.

One of the most significant achievements for his and my country was the establishment of diplomatic relations between us.

Be a global citizen.

The book provides an excellent account of this historic event. And he shows how a major leader can steer a huge country in a new historical direction. And yet, too little is known about the life and career of this extraordinary man. In this superbly researched and highly readable biography, Vogel has definitively filled this void.

This fascinating book provides a host of insights into the factors that enabled Deng to triumph over repeated setbacks and lay the basis for China to regain the wealth and power that has eluded it for two centuries.

Stapleton Roy, former U. He was a person we could do business with, and I liked him a lot. We are fortunate that Vogelone of our foremost China scholars, has now brought the man alive in this uniquely researched biography. Around him is the transformation of the largest political entity in history from rural disarray and helplessness to an industrial and manufacturing giant. In between are ambitious and bewildered people in search of leadership.

The digital Loeb Classical Library loebclassics.

Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China by Ezra F. Vogel

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