Rohinton Mistry’s enthralling novel is at once a domestic drama and an intently observed portrait of present-day Bombay in all its vitality and corruption. Warm, humane, tender and bittersweet are not the words one would expect to describe a novel that portrays a society where the government is. A quarter of the way through Family Matters, Yezad divides the Indian authors who write about Partition into two camps. On the one hand are.

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Even though his step children bear decades of unforgiving resentment towards him, that they unload on him daily, particularly for the death of their mother, he bears it gently and without reciprocity. View all 6 comments. This book is about not only the importance of family, but also about aging and how the young and old have so much to dohinton each other, but the message is clear that we rarely have the energy to stop and learn from each other.

Smashed together like sardines in a small apartment flat, Roxana was a saint in taking care of her father – but she and Yezad were starting to fight mistey finances. This is clear when considering the title alone – Family Matters; a story about the goings on relevant to a family, as well as a declaration of the incredible importance of family.

Daisy visited Nariman to play her violin to add comfort.

Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry [A Review] – We Need to Talk About Books

Leggerlo dovrebbe insegnare ai figli che bisogna avere molta pazienza con i genitori anziani e i loro acciacchi, e che un giorno saremo vecchi anche noi e si spera che i figli si prenderanno cura di noi.

His arrival and deterioration threaten to destroy mattrrs harmony between Roxanna and her husband Yezad.

I mean look at that title! Mistry is a master of the detail.

It’s all a bit of a mystery

Some religious and social issues are raised by the author along the narrative, specially concerning the Parsi’s heritage after the Partition of India. What, I didn’t review Family Matters? This premise allows Mistry to explore many social problems in the Bombay of this novel – poverty, care of the elderly, religious intolerance, rohingon, gambling, the caste system. A family that belongs to a racial religion is certainly some sort of fajily case.


I’ve read pages so far It’s not exactly that novelists are required to make a final statement about the great issues of life, but they do have an advantage over god – mitry ability to write another draft that focuses more sharply, rather than to tag on to the end of a manuscript what seems more like a recantation than a rounding off.

Nariman and Yasmin soon have a child of their own; Roxana. Mistry demonstrates better than any writer that every individual has an amazing story to tell.

A letter is like a perfume. The politically fouled air and terror among the people affecting the life of Yezad and Mr. In fact, no matter where you go in the world, there is only one important story: With its occasional resort to stale Latinisms ‘to effect an evacuation’, ‘vesperal routine’, ‘hebdomadal get-together’ it sometimes inadvertently rohinnton the late chapter of Ulysses, ‘Eumaeus’, written to mimic the cliches maters exhaustion.

We assume old people are not right in their heads. Sep 14, Rebecca rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Feb 08, Ambar rated it it was amazing Shelves: His second n Rohinton Mistry is considered to be one of the foremost authors of Indian heritage writing in English.

He was forty-two years old at the time. The oddest feature of Family Matters is its epilogue, more U-turn than coda, set five years after the main action and narrated by year-old Jehangir. Rohinton Mistry is considered to be one of the foremost authors of Indian heritage writing in English.

Took me a while to get into this one — but once I was in, it was quite a remarkable read. The suffering of a bed-ridden senior taken care of by his family, a family that cannot afford help. The events described were very realistic, it is not that I am criticizing.

Did I learn anything? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It has to be felt, emotionally, and understand that “family does matters”. The deeper I think about Nariman, the more it’s clear he is suffering from all the most cherish things in life: Like Liked by 1 person. In other ways, it’s more like Such A Long Journey, with its focus on familial affairs and a relative tunnel vision view of Nariman Vakeel’s family, as opposed to the panoramic bird’s eye that is revealed in A Fine Balance.


Family Matters is not set in the Emergency, or within any similarly grand context, and its scale is necessarily diminished. Tarapore sets the ankle and has a plaster cast put on. Yezad is now a Parsi fundamentalist and bigot, prepared to act against Murad, if he tries to date a non-Parsi, exactly as Nariman’s family acted against him.

The significance of Family Matters comes not from what Mistry has to say on any one topic, but the way each of those topics affects the members of this family. Durante una passeggiata Nariman purtroppo inciampa veramente e si rompe una caviglia. Why, else, should I feel staggered at the pouring of Mr. What is the meaning of his murder? Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry. Early in the novel, Yezad, like his father-in-law, is not very sentimental for the traditions of the past but by the end, not only does he find solace there but he is determined to instruct his two sons in their traditions as well.

That interview was part of the book tour that, unfortunately, occurred too soon after There are fantastic characters in this book, often the minor ones were the most memorable – the scribe who reads and writes letters for illiterate workers, the enthusiastic handyman who vastly overestimates his abilities.

Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry

It was like reading through the diary of the family members as it midtry moves towards the end. Yet another masterpiece from Mr. Mistry is also the author of Swimming Lessonsa collection of short stories.

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