FlowJo® is an integrated environment for viewing and analyzing flow cytometric data, called a workspace. The workspace lists all of the sample. I am a beginner in flow cytometry and would like any recommendations on any courses or online tutorials that people have found useful for learning how to use. The FlowJo v10 Workspace. • A graphical Importing Data Into FlowJo. Three possible . Webinars on basic and advanced features of. FlowJo, held on the 1st .

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For a more in depth tutorial, download the Advanced Tutorial at: To do this you will overlay Sample 2 onto Sample 1 the unstained controldefine sample one as the control, and then create a batch report showing each sample overlaid one by one on the graph of the control sample.

The computer is left on at all times.

Gives access to the parameters of a selected column. To view the entire reference manual, point your web browser to: Excel Tutorial – Draft These notes will serve as a guide and reminder of several features in Excel that make the use of a spreadsheet more like an interactive thinking tool.

FlowJo Basic Tutorial

Generate a table baaic statistics. Baskc are sets of samples that have a common use. It is installed as part of the iwork suite, which also includes the word processing program Pages and the presentation.


Click the Smooth box only while displaying a Histogram, Psuedocolor or Density graph. With FastTrack Schedule 10, the new version of the award-winning project. Save this Workspace, and then feel free to play with drag and drop in order to create analysis trees on other tubes or expand the gating tree on Sample 2.

Analyze a sample in detail.

FlowJo Tutorials | FlowJo, LLC

bsaic When the cursor becomes a percent sign you can move the frequency number to a new location. Help functions launch a web browser and takes you directly to the web page relevant to the window you are working on. FlowJo for Windows Reference Manual. In the PowerPoint dialog box, click the Blank Presentation option button.

Gates could be altered on each individual sample but its easier to adjust one gate and apply the new region to all the samples by drag-and-drop. Proliferation Wizard movie basjc.

JMP 10 Quick Reference. Hold down the Alt-Key option key on Macintosh to plot concentration vs. Learn researchers how to analyze flow cytometry data in an efficient way using Flowjo X, the world? Data Compensation – corrects vlowjo overlap from bsaic emission spectra of neighboring fluorochromes.


Add text to your poster Download “FlowJo Basic Tutorial”. How to make a line graph using Excel Format your data sheet Make sure you have a title and each column of data has a title.

FlowJo Basic Tutorial – PDF

A check mark will appear beside it. From the example of one sample, Drawing Canvas FlowJo will then create graphs for all of the samples in the whole tutoriap a Batch Report. Current Protocols in Cytometry is a “best practices” collection that distills and organizes the absolute latest techniques from the top cytometry labs and specialists worldwide. Running Descriptive and Correlational Analysis in Excel Tips for coding a survey Use short phrases for your data table headers to keep your worksheet neat, you can always edit the labels in tables.

Starting the Fowjo Wizard 1.

Double-click on the graph in the Layout Editor to edit parameters displayed in the graph. Microsoft Access handout Access tuhorial a relational database program you can use to create and manage large quantities of data.

The following will give a description of each of them. Generate a graphical report including All Samples.

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