Tyt. nagł ; Numeracja tomów wydawnictwa kontynuuje numerację czasop. ” Fragmenta Faunistica Musei Zoologici Polonici” wychodzącego w l. of Scientific Institutes, Fragmenta Faunistica. Fragmenta Faunistica Musei Zoologici Polonici · Fragmenta Faunistica. This page is maintained. Following. Fragmenta Faunistica. Aims and scope. Speed. Responsiveness Not Provided. Time from submission to first decision after peer review, Not Provided.

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Geographical variation in host-ant specificity of the parasitic butterfly Maculinea alcon in Denmark. The evolution of alternative parasitic life histories in large blue butterflies. Pattern of genetic differentiation in the Maculinea alcon species group Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae in central Europe.

Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research fragnenta The American Naturalist Ranking metapopulation extinction risk: A model-based approach for designing cost-effective compensation payments for conservation and endangered species in real landscapes. Interspecific differences in cuticular hydrocarbon profiles of Myrmica ants are sufficiently consistent to explain host specificity by Maculinea large blue butterflies. Food stress causes differential survival of socially parasitic caterpillars of Maculinea rebeli integrated in colonies of host and non-host Fainistica ant species.

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata A formula for the mean lifetime of metapopulations in heterogeneous landscapes. Software for Metapopulation Viability Analysis. Ecologically differentiated rules of thumb for habitat network design – lessons from a formula.


Biodiversity and Conservation Entomologische Nachrichten und Berichte Movement patterns of the bush cricket Platycleis albopunctata in different types of habitat: The control of emigration and its consequences for the survival of populations. General Concepts and Case Studies.


Formicidae of Flemish North Belgium wet heathlands, a declining habitat in Europe. Prediction of butterfly diversity hotspots in Belgium: Journal of Biogeography Habitat quality and biodiversity indicator performances of a threatened butterfly versus a multispecies group for wet heathlands in Belgium.

Population dynamics and conservation of a specialized predator: Lycaenidae in relation to characteristics of foodplants and presence of ant hosts. Polish Journal of Ecology Population ecology of the endangered butterflies Maculinea teleius and M. Less input same output: Phylogeny of Maculinea blues Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae based on morphological and ecological characters: On the ethology and ecology of a small and isolated population of the Dusky Large Blue Butterfly Glaucopsyche Maculinea nausithous Lycaenidae.

Mainzer naturwissenschaftliches Archiv Local extinction and the evolution of dispersal rates: A taxonomic revision of the socially parasitic Myrmica ants Hymenoptera: Formicidae of the palaearctic region. Annales Zoologici Warszawa First records of Myrmica vandeli Bondroit and M. Formicidae for Poland, with a key for the scabrinodis- and sabuleti-complexes. First record of Myrmica salina Ruzsky Hymenoptera: When rare species become endangered: Biological Journal of the Linnean Society Changes in chemical signature and host specificity from larval retrieval to full social integration in the myrmecophilous butterfly Maculinea rebeli.

Journal of Chemical Ecology Species Ecology along a European Gradient: Maculinea butterflies as a Model. First observation of one Maculinea arion pupa in Myrmica lobicornis nest in Poland. Simultaneous exploitation of Myrmica vandeli and M-scabrinodis Hymenoptera: Formicidae colonies by the endangered myrmecophilous butterfly Maculinea alcon Lepidoptera: European Journal of Entomology Gentiana cruciata as an additional host plant of Maculinea alcon on a site in eastern Poland Lycaenidae.


Historia modraszka ariona Maculinea arion L. Ocena liczebnosci populacji przyuzyciu metod odlowu, znakowania i ponownego odlowu – standardy i nowe rozwiazania Population size estimation with capture-mark-recapture methods – standards and new solutions.

Fragmenta faunistica – Details – Trove

Myrmekofilia w rodzinie modraszkowatych Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae Myrmecophily in lycaenid butterflies Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae. First data on host-ant specificity of parasitic Maculinea alcon Den.

Lycaenidae in Poland and eastern Europe. Host specificity of Maculinea teleius Bgstr. Lycaenidae the new insight. Polish Journal of Entomology Formicidae rears Maculinea rebeli Lepidoptera: Is Manica rubida Hymenoptera: Formicidae a potential host of the Maculinea alcon Lepidoptera: Formicidae as a Host of Maculinea alcon Lepidoptera: Accelerated development of Maculinea rebeli larvae under artificial conditions Lycaenidae.

Larval niche selection and evening exposure enhance adoption of a predacious social parasite, Maculinea arion large blue butterflyby Myrmica ants.

Fragmenta Faunistica Hungarica, – REAL-J

Parasitoid secretions provoke ant warfare – Subterfuge used by a rare wasp may be the key to an alternative type of pest control. Extinction rates and butterflies – Response. Butterfly mimics of ants.

Monitoring change in the abundance and distribution of insects using butterflies and other indicator groups. Insect Evolutionary Ecology Microsattelite markers for the large blue butterflies Maculinea nausithous and Maculinea alcon Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae and their amplification in other Maculinea species.

Molecular Ecology Notes 5: Dinucleotide microsattelite DNA loci from the ant Myrmica scabrinodis.

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