FS2Crew PMDG NGX “Button Control” Tutorial. Flight The following is a very basic guide designed to help new FS2Crew NGX users. The following is a very basic guide designed to help new FS2Crew NGX users make a simple flight from A to B using Button Control. The tutorial does not cover . FS2Crew PMDG NGX “Voice Control” Tutorial The following is a very basic guide designed to help new FS2Crew NGX.

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Quick Tutorial on Beam Quick Fs2crfw of EX-C This is a highly condensed tutorial designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible. If running other programs that control aircraft doors or add co-pilot sounds such as FSPassengersdisable their ability to control doors and disable their co-pilot voices.

This is very important! This is a new option f2screw in FSX. If, while running FS2Crew, you find the Main or Secondary button are not working, re-assign them to different keys or buttons.

Flight1 File Library System » FS2Crew iFly NG Flow

When the aircraft loads, the engines will be off assuming you loaded the FS2Crew Tutorial situation flight. The aircraft already has the correct fuel load for the flight. FSX now requires that all applications, including gauge files, be code signed.

This is something new. See the Main Ops manual for more info. To do that, press the E button on the FS2Crew icon panel. The knob will move to Start then move to On. A few seconds later the APU generators will become available. The APU tutoriao now powering the aircraft and the battery will no longer drain. You can drag the Main Selector Panel to any location you like.

None of the other buttons will work until FS2Crew has been activated. Using the left and right mouse buttons, set: The outer doors will then open and the jetway will automatically connect to the aircraft. Approximately five minutes later, the FA will contact you asking to be briefed. Tuotrial O2 on the Main Selector Panel to open the oxygen test page. There are two hidden click spots on the oxygen test panel used to test the oxygen. See the Main Ops manual for their location. A video is also available on the FS2Crew website showing how to perform the oxygen test.

A yellow dot should appear over PF. Press the Main Button slowly and deliberately, one press at a time, to call for, and respond to, the Pre-Flight Checklist. When the Pre-Flight Checklist is complete, the yellow dot will automatically self-extinguish. Important Notes about Yellow Dots and Checklists: The clickable hidden clickspot is located directly over the name of the SID.


FS2Crew iFly 737NG Flow

Leave the other fields unchanged. When the engineer hands you the Fuel Sheet, left click in the lower right hand area to sign the sheet. Your name will appear in the signature area and the Fuel Sheet will tutotial automatically close. You, as the captain, are responsible for the following during Pre-Flight: Value for V2 is indicated on the Flight Planning Page. Set the Seatbelt Selector to Auto.

Arm the Auto Throttle. Turn on the Flight Director. Set the TO Trim after the engineer clears you to pressurize. Make sure the takeoff trim is in the green band. The FO will do the fs2crww Do not touch the doors. FS2Crew will handle them!

With approximately 2 minutes remaining to departure, the FA will phone the flight deck to tell you the cabin is ready. Make rutorial appropriate selection. Several seconds later the Engineer will contact you to tell you that the doors are closed. He will also clear you to pressurize. After being cleared to pressurize, the FO will automatically perform his flow: Make sure the parking brake is set.

ES stands for Engine Start. Do not alter selections on the PB Panel. Just press the Contact Ground button. When cleared to start all engines, press the Main Button to command the FO to start engines 4 and 3. When ready to start engines 1 and 2 the FO will prompt youpress the Main Button again.

FSX FS2Crew NGX 737 PMDG Mini Tutorial

Press the Main Button again to disconnect the Ground Crew. Wait about 30 seconds to give the Ground Crew time to clear the area around the aircraft. Next, press the Secondary Button to announce to the FO that the ground equipment is clear on the left.

You only need to do this if the Tail is set to Left for the pushback. When tutkrial Tail is set to right the FO will announce that the ground crew is clear on the right side. Check the controls for freedom of movement.

When —and only when! The Engine Start procedure is semi-complex. Release the parking brake and vs2crew on the taxi light, then start the taxi to runway 15R. Hold down the left mouse button to move the tiller to the left. Hold down the right mouse button to move the fs2crsw to the right. You can quickly center the tiller by left clicking a hidden clickspot located between the base of the tiller handle and the uttorial of the panel. Run the Before Takeoff checklist with the Main Button.


You should see a yellow dot over TAT.

During the taxi, you may experience some weird graphical glitches in FSX: The Main Panel may close and turn black. The issue has been reported to Microsoft. When entering the runway, press the Main Button once to call for uttorial runway entry procedure. FO will perform his takeoff flow. When lined up and ready to go, press the Main Button again to say: The clickspot is located on the little screw located to the left of the Autothrottle Arm switch.

This fx2crew is only available in the 2D cockpit. When climbing through feet above the runway, press the Secondary Button to command the FO to engage the autopilot.

You may hear the marker beacon beeping sound when you do this because FS2Crew uses the marker beacon ident switch to control to the Secondary Button. Press the Main Button once at a time to command the FO to bring the flaps up on schedule: Flaps 10, Flaps 5, Flaps 1, Flaps Up.

FS2Crew Default Quick Start Tutorial_百度文库

Note that a mini-panel of the landing gear panel will pop up. Hutorial 10, feet, FO will turn off the landing and taxi lights. At 14, feet, FO will announce Transition. Set Altimeters to STD pressure, which is or depending on what part of the world you are in.

Cruise to Descent Checklist: Cruise mode then becomes active. Approximately miles back of our arrival, RJAA, start setting up for the arrival.

Press the AB button on the Main Selector. Set the DA to feet. Do not forget to do that! Descent mode will then become active. Set the Autobrake to level 2. Run the Descent Checklist. TOD to Approach Course: When ready to start your descent, adjust the autopilot panel accordingly. FO will make a PA and turn on the Seatbelt sign. FO will toggle the seat belt signs and turn on the landing lights.

As you approach the airport, press the Main Button to call for Flaps 1, then bring the back the speed in the autopilot speed window as necessary. Set the altitude window to feet.

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