Known wireless clients. MAC. Gigaset AGU. () Gigaset AGU u. LAN Gigaset AGU u MAC. ” ” () Wireless Network: () Advanced Settings (WDS) . Power on your modem, and find an hardware reset button available on the unit itselt. press and hold for some seconds, you can release after all. Page 1 of 7. Contents. Siemens AGU (ADSL Network). Connect the Ethernet cable from Huawei to LAN1/WAN port of the Gigaset router and connect.

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Detailed instructions for use are in the User’s Guide. Setting up the router Gigaset AGU. Connecting to the splitter data port.

Wired connection to the PC.

Connecting to the mains power supply. Checking the operating state. Making the basic settings. Network configuration of the PCs. Connecting to the Internet manually. Elements in the user interface. Setting up access control to the Internet. Setting up the NAT function. Opening the firewall for a selected PC Exposed Host.

Qos Quality of Service. Assigning static IP addresses to individual PCs. Backing up 50 restoring a configuration. Backing up configuration data. Restoring the saved data. Local area networks with Gigaset products. Wired local area network Ethernet. Wireless local area network WLAN.

دليل المستخدم SIEMENS GIGASET 504

Linking a wireless gigaeet to an Ethernet. Extending the wireless network coverage with a repeater. Deactivating HTTP proxy and configuring a pop-up blocker.

Deactivating the HTTP proxy. Configuring the pop-up blocker. Your device allows several users to access the Internet simultaneously.

A single user account iggaset be shared if your Internet service provider permits this. If you want agh surf the Internet, watch IPTV and make calls using the Internet at the lowest possible cost, the Gigaset devices are a convenient and simple solution. The devices have an extensive range of functions but remain simple to use.

They can be configured and operational within a few minutes. You can turn the WLAN off completely when you’re not using it. It’s our goal to ensure gigset sustainable economic process by using an environmentally friendly production and management system – which makes it easy for us to meet the strict ISO standards for international environmental management.

Features and applications The router Gigaset AGU’s wide range of features makes it ideal for a large number of applications. Depending on your device, some of the features may differ from the description in this instruction manual. This means several users in your network can surf the Internet at the same time, all using ag same Internet account. Depending on the device up to four devices connected via Ethernet ports with a transmission speed of 10 or Mbps with automatic recognition.


You’re reading an excerpt. It complies with IEEE Using the router Gigaset AGU makes it easy to set up a network at home or in small offices. For example, users can exchange data or share resources in the network, such as a file server or printer. An introduction into the various options of establishing a local network can be found in the appendix in section “Local area networks with Gigaset products” on page Firewall protection against unauthorised access from the Internet All PCs in the local area network use the Public IP address of the router to establish Internet connections, making them ‘invisible’ to other Internet users.

The router only allows access from the Internet if it has been requested from the local area network. Thanks to the firewall, the router also offers comprehensive protection against attacks from computer hackers. You can also deactivate access to certain Internet domains and sites URL blocking. Mozilla Firefox is a registered trademark of the Mozilla Organisation.

The installation is described in the user guides for these products.

Etisalat Siemens Gigaset 504 AGU ADSL Wireless Router

Then configure the router Gigaset AGU to activate the device’s Internet access refer to the section entitled “Internet” on page To do this you will need the access data for your Internet service provider. If you wish to use other functions of the router Gigaset AGU, for example the comprehensive security features, use the Advanced Settings page Before the PCs can communicate with the router and with each other in a local network, you may have to change your network settings see page Configure these network settings on one PC first so that it can establish a connection to the router.

You can then use this PC to configure the device. Setting up the router Gigaset AGU Giaset router can be set ag in any suitable location in the home or office. You do not need any special wiring. However, you should comply with the following guidelines: Do not u u u u u u position the router near sources of heat.

Do not cover the ventilation slots.

Etisalat Support: Siemens Gigaset router configuration

High temperatures can damage the device. Do not position the device in the immediate vicinity of stereo equipment, TV sets, microwave ovens or the like. This may cause interference.

Position the router so that it is as near to the centre of your wireless network as possible. The general agy is: The higher you place the antenna, the better the performance. Make sure that the place where you position the router offers optimum reception throughout the house, apartment or office. Make sure the router cannot fall down, as this could damage the antenna.

Position the router on a non-slip surface. Do not place the router on any furniture surface that could be affected by the heat from the device. Lay the cables so that nobody can trip over them. You should not cover the cables with anything.


Network connections LAN via cables and telephone lines may gigaxet be set up with the router within enclosed rooms. Connecting to the splitter data port You can operate the router in two different operating modes in order to set up an Internet connection: To do this, use the DSL cable supplied grey.

The integrated ADSL modem is then deactivated. First connect just one PC to the router via cable. You can then carry out the general configuration.

Wireless connection is possible after completing the installation of the router and switching on the WLAN function via the configuration program. Xgu will find information about this topic in the chapter “Configuring wireless connections” on page Only giagset the mains adapter supplied with the device 9 V DC, 1 A. The router is now switched on and ready for operation. The LED displays on the front gigasset of the router provide information about the operating state see ayu 8.

When the device is ready for use, the LEDs light up as follows: If this is not the case, refer to the section entitled Troubleshooting on page Making the basic settings You can now make the basic settings for Internet access using the user interface of the router page This usually takes place automatically provided you have not iggaset any changes to the standard settings for the network configuration and you use one of the following operating systems: You can now configure the router using this PC from the user interface of the router.

To start the configuration environment, you may need to deactivate the HTTP proxy for your browser. You will find additional information on these two points on “Deactivating HTTP proxy and configuring a pop-up blocker” on page If you use a firewall, it must allow connection to the router.

For details, refer to the user guide for your firewall. If necessary, deactivate the firewall before you configure your router. You can re-activate the firewall afterwards. For your security, the configuration program is protected with a password. The default password generally required is admin. This may differ depending on the provider settings. If necessary, check the details on the device label. For security reasons you should change this password at a later stage page A page with security information will appear.

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