Eggs The eggs are barrel-shaped, averaging mm long by mm wide. They are coloured a light cream when first deposited, but change to a dirty white . Graphosoma lineatum. Family: Pentatomidae A truly unmistakable species, as thre is nothing like it on the British list. There are, however, other species on the. Species: Graphosoma lineatum. Name. Graphosoma lineatum (Linnaeus, ) Graphosoma lineatum Taxon details on Fauna Europaea.

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As noted above, G. Chemical control is not often required, since egg parasites usually provide natural control. Cookies on Plantwise Knowledge Bank Like most websites we use cookies. Close Find out more.

Graphosoma lineatum, Striped Shield Bug

Knowledge Bank home Change location. Go to distribution map Grapjosoma The eggs are barrel-shaped, averaging 1. They are coloured a light cream when first deposited, but change to a dirty white during development. The egg surface has an irregular polygonal pattern, visible when observed using a scanning electron microscope Candan and Suludere, They are summarised below. The first-stage nymph is approximately 1. The brown pigment is particularly abundant in the thorax, legs and antennae.


The abdomen is yellow with brown llneatum. The head is small with two bright red eyes laterally. The antennae, each composed of four articles, insert beside the eyes.

Graphosoma italicum – Wikipedia

Ventrally, the head is prolonged by the graphosomma, consisting of four articles. It inflects at the junction of articles 1 and 2 when the insect is feeding.

The first rostral article often remains pale yellow, the last three articles are black. The second-stage nymph is approximately 2. The third-stage nymph is approximately 3.

The fourth-stage nymph is approximately 5. The fifth-stage nymph has wing buds on the thorax that cover the first abdominal segments laterally. Grapjosoma the fifth instar, sexual dimorphism is apparent, with females lineatkm a medial suture line on the eighth abdominal segment.

This line is lacking in males. Female fifth-instar nymphs are generally larger, being 8. Illustrations of nymphs are provided in Nguyen Ban Adults Adults in this family are characterized by the presence of a large scutellum covering almost the whole abdomen, and tarsi with three articles.


File:Pentatomidae – Graphosoma lineatum italicum.JPG

Adult colouration is aposematic, warning potential predators that G. Overall the body is very brightly coloured scarlet red, with continuous dark longitudinal stripes on the head, thorax and abdomen.

Legs are usually red.

The sexes can only be distinguished by examination of the genitalia. A colour illustration of an adult is provided in Chinery and a colour photograph appears in Zahradnik and Chvala Like other Hemiptera, G.

Nymphs and adults feed on host flowers and seeds. Feeding punctures result in holes that can allow secondary infection.

Oviposting females caused more holes than other life stages. By feeding on seeds, G. However, it can potentially be damaging to commercially important crops such as aniseed, carrots, parsley and sunflowers when they are specifically grown for seed production.

Graphosoma lineatum, Striped Shield Bug

Spread occurs naturally and does not appear to be associated with international trade. Its spread in north-western Europe, along the Atlantic seaboard, has been the slowest. It now occurs in northern France Bruge,

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