Hajdu energomat moso – Other sex tools – META_DESC_QUERY. Regular old Hungarian type washing machine called Hajdu. sounds good:) Yeah, Hajdu branded machines had a name Energomat.

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Mon Apr 11, Mon Apr 11, 7: Mon Apr 11, 8: Thu Apr 14, 7: Wed Apr 27, Sun May 01, Return to Works in Progress. Search Search this site: Latest issues Working lights in dupliverts and dupligroups.

Hajdu energomat moso – Egyéb szexuális eszközök, kellékek

Imported OBJ dissappearing when mat previs enabled. Not for asking about usage.

No interior and backing details added yet, but finished textures, exterior modeling. The machine inserted in a simple bathroom.

Just a preview rendered with direct lighting and AO. Looking forward the progress.


HAJDU ENERGOMAT Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

Nice to see someone from Hungary attila. I am from Hungary too!

We didn’t have Hajdu washing machine but realistic piece bro! Piece from Hungary to everyone! I made a close render of the panel with some depth of field effect.

I think it’s quite fine, sometime maybe I will make a complete scene with the washingmachine, maybe I add some interior details, but for now that’s all. Yeah, Hajdu branded machines had a name Energomat.

Think all socialist countries had these same design appliances: Texturing already looks good. It could be a bit lighter yellow and with inner parts it will be a great model.

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