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Choose a Philips HEFP line item or refine your search within HEFP part HEFP, Manufacturer: Philips, D/C: , Qty: 2, Region: U.S.A.: PDF . HEFP price and availability by electronic component distributors and suppliers. to +85 °c for standard temperature range (HEF). to + °c for .. SCHMm TRIGGERS. quadruple 2-input NAND Schmitt trigger.

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Business profile India Power Installation Overseas presence. Quality Management Quality Policy. People Management eCare Portal for Retd. Modification of machine foundations and other allied work in various blocks within factory area.

III Date of Notification: Civil work for installation of air washer in bay- 9 Date of Notification: Larvacidal operations and anti-termite treatment in factory and Admn. Building area during Miscellaneous Carpentary works in factory area and Administrative bldg her Date of Notification: Outsourcing of Non-core activities for Finance Dept.

Works contract for associated civil works related to SCR project. Replacing existing AC sheets using galvanised steel steel sheets.


Handling from site stores ,storage yard, transporting to site, inspection, preparation of foundation, levelling, centering, alignment, preassembly, erection, welding, including supporting, NDT etc. Development of open storage yard of approx Sqm area including approach roads and drains internal roads and drains pipe culverts fencing and gates, concrete sleepers, Toilet Complex, Foundation of storage shed 1no, electrical illuminations etc for additional Cogeneration Unit GT IV at ONGC Uran, Maharashtra Date of Notification: P Date of Notification: No offer received in any other mode like postal etc.

Calibration of Master Instruments Date of Notification: Packaging of finished goods at Logistics Date of Notification: TE- Tender Description: TE – Tender Description: Re-carpeting of roads inside factory area Date of Notification: Civil enabling job for establishment of new construction site of power plant involving major activities like construction of covered stores, toilet block, hard surfacing, roads, drains and culverts, fencing etc.

Renovation of staff canteen kitchen at administrative building Date of Notification: Installation of Isolation breaker at the Metering cubicle Date of Notification: Cleaning of grass and jungle bush in Township Date of Notification: White washing, Distempering and painting work in Township 4093 5 months Date of Notification: Het of Toilet at Bldg No.

Rate Contract for hiring 2 nos. Open body trucks and 1 no. Tipper of 9MT capacity for internal transportation Date of Notification: Nef management works consisting of receipt, unloading, handling, verification, storage, preservation, issue, maintaining store records and documents etc of materials of boiler and auxiliaries, TG and auxiliaries, electrical system, control and heef system, non-Bhel system, construction heff, miscellaneous items etc.


Cleaning of dust collectors,Lub and oil topping,MSS ,Outsourcing of USW, removal and replacement of punctured radiant tube,repairing of furnace punctured radiant tube and replace ment of worn out LT wheel assy Date of Notification: Lubrication and Hydraulic oil top up for Bldg-5 Date of Notification: Direct Link to access tender is https: Civil works involved hwf Construction of complete Ash dyke including drainage system overflow lagoon including grading of ash pond area at 2xMW Udangudi Power project Tuticorin Date of Notification: Improvement work of front entrance approach, backside wash area and plinth protection of residential and non-residential buildings in BHEL Township Bhopal Date of Notification: Operation of firetube boilers in 2 shifts and RO plant in 1 shift by qualified workmen as desired 4098 tender documents Date of Notification: Job contract for Factory Civil 40398 and instrumentation and township civil and electrical maintenance for two years Date of Notification: Construction of concrete pillars at Dr.

Binding and Colour Photocopy works Date of Notification: Maintenance Contract for carpentry for quarters and public buildings in township by providing suitable man power for Date of Notification: Assistance in press production activities in Forge shop in two shift Date of Notification: Assembly and Brazing of i metal to metal and ii metal parts to ceramic parts as per BHEL drawing drawing is enclosed.

Procedure for brazing of Electrode is attached herewith. Hiring of ONE no. Fabrication and erection of structural steel for power house, pipe and cable rack etc.

Full text of “General Electric Semiconductor Data Handbook “

EOI for Painting Booth with drying oven to provide complete system of liquid paint booth with air circulation system, baking oven, trolleys, winches, control panels, recording systems,ducting, piping, cabling etc. Old balancing tunnel partition works Date of Notification: Mechanical Activities Date of Notification: Annual Maintenance contract for main hospital sterilizing units autoclaves ward furniture s Canteen Equipment s etc.

EOT crane operation Date of Notification: Preparation of job for painting, gef Coating as per painting schedule with hev spray painting process and applying TRP as per drawing Date of Notification: Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh- Maintenance of Electrical Installation in Qtrs. Work contract for shifting of 05 locomotives at site using suitable means of lifting, transport to the railway track using trailer and unloading on 409938.


Assembly and Brazing of i metal to metal and ii metal uef to ceramic part as per BHEL drawing drawing attached. Involving 400938 bending, welding and Finishing. Power coating of fabricated items Date of Notification: White washing, Distempering work in Township for one year Date of Notification: Shifting Loading, transporting ,unloading, stacking ,verification of Approx.

Telephone cable laying in factory gef Township Date of Notification: Civil, Repair and modification works in township Date of Notification: Dismantling and Disposal of Machines to disposal stores at Bldg Civil works for Water Treatment plant in township Date of Notification: Annual Contract for Disposal of card board, paper scrap, plastic scrap and Mixed-up Solid garbage on As is where is condition Date of Notification: Civil maintenance contract works in factory for One year Date hsf Notification: Laser Calibration of the machines 1.

Sanitation, House Keeping and wet mopping of shop floors, Annexes and administrative building Date of Notification: Calibration of load testing machines Date of Notification: Implementation of 40Mbps internet lease line on fiber Date of Notification: Annual maintenance of all 67 nos. Yard development work with paving of ground Date of Notification: Providing cement concrete flooring Date of Notification: Operation and Maintenance of 7.

12. List of works excerpted

Brick works, Insulation works, Electrical coil Bricks Works. Disposal of Domestic garbage from township Date of Notification: Stores support services Date of Notification: Supporting activities in shops Date of Notification: Supply of Various Misc. Point to point transportation of consignments from Chennai port to Ennore project site. Work Contract Date of Notification: Surat, Gujarat Date of Notification: Handling at site stores, transporting to site, inspection, preassembly, erection, alignment, welding, supply and application of primer and finish paints as per requirement as given in the drawings including labeling and flow direction over insulation, application of refractory and insulation 04938 for Boiler, ESP, etc.

Works Contract for Requirement of up to 3 cars 1 No.

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