FORGOTTEN HUSBAND HELEN BIANCHIN CHAPTER ONE She didn’t want to open her eyes. Not yet. For when she did, he would be there. The man they said . Read “Forgotten Husband” by Helen Bianchin with Rakuten Kobo. They said he was her husband But Elise didn’t feel married. Nor did she feel pregnant. All about Forgotten Husband by Helen Bianchin. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem?

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Forgotten Husband by Helen Bianchin. They said he was her husband But Elise didn’t feel married. Nor did she feel pregnant The accident had destroyed all memory of the past few months for her and, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t remember pledging her heart and soul to this rich, gorgeous, formidably sophisticated stranger, Alejandro Santanas.

Elise sensed the chemistry between them, sparks They said he was her husband Elise sensed the chemistry between them, sparks of secret passion that made her feel alive.

But was she in love with him — and she with her? Had she lost the most precious part of her life — forever? Published July by Mills and Boon first published May Elise SantanasAlejandro Santanas. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Forgotten Husbandplease sign up.

Lists with This Book. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Forgotten Husband

To view it, click here. The h in this one wakes up in hospital and has no clue who the very good looking Spaniard desperately clutching her hand actually is.

She does notice that the guy is extremely interesting in all sorts of HP H ways. We find out the handsome man is the h’s husband and she is having his baby. While the h is happy she has such great taste in men, she is kinda upset that she got into a car accident when another driver ran her over and she can’t remember marrying or meeting the H.

Experienced HP voyagers are leaping around in deelite however. Husbannd we all know hsuband the h probably married him for any other reason but love and now she has AMNESIA and we are all on board for great drama as dorgotten result of the h’s memory return. Soon the h is ready to be discharged and tho she has some apprehension, her devoted is H all things kind and considerate while they recuperate on the beach and the h is thinking she really scored.

Then we all go back to the h’s ‘real life’ and things start to go downhill fast. The h’s memory returns and she remembers that she actually married the H with a two year agreement so that he would bail her ill father out debt and save the family firm. Then the h forgot to take her pill when her father collapsed with illness and in the spirit of affirming life in the abyss of death, the H and h made a baby. The h knew that the H was probably lurvin’ it up with a bevy of high society beauty’s, one in particular makes no bones about being the Husban once, current and future lady lurve for life.

So she decided to leave her cheatin’ H and then she got wrecked by another car and ended up in hospital. Now the H knows about the baby and he isn’t letting her out of her marriage, so they heen stuck for life or at least until the baby is The h has to make the best of it while also getting frequent exposure to the Lurve Force Mojo’s Transcendent Bliss experience.


We also get all the standard HB tropes of high society charity events, clothes shopping and a lot of showers, in addition to persistent OW verbal battles that lead up to the infamous HB patented Meeting in the Ladies Room, where the evil OW assaults the h by crushing her injured hand. The H knows all about this of course, but not because the h tells him.

Nope, our H is so possessive he has the h minded and herded about like cattle, he also gets daily updates from all people who come in contact with her. We do get one little lapse from the gourmet dining and high society charity events when the H and h schlep off after a vicious OW attack to get some take out Chinese. It was an HB milestone, cause they ate right out of the carton.

Eventually the h admits that she loves the H and he explains that he loves her back. After all didn’t he show her so every time he lurved her up with such exquisite ecstasy?

And those OW are in the past and never meant a thing as he dumped them all when he married the h. So we gelen the two of them in love and happy and waiting on their baby, while the OW is running around doing evil OW things that the h resolves to firmly ignore for a standard, foorgotten sweet HB HP day at the office.

This is one features an H that is quite a bit nicer than her prior ones. He is clearly devoted to the h and it shows. But the h can’t seem to get over her hostility for their business arrangement start, mostly because of the harassment by the main evil OW.

The h does come around eventually, but my biggest issue with this one is that the H should have done something about the OW.

Forgotten Husband by Helen Bianchin | eBay

This is so the HB H can glide along looking all Suave Rico Urban Conglomerate Head in a bespoke suite until jusband idly selects an app on his smart phone and a million minions rush around getting injunctions and law officers to run the OW out of the country or face prosecution. For once I would like an HB hero to publicly verbally tell the OW that she is a bottomless hole of nematode parasite excrement and he would rather face the heat death of the universe without a space suit than dip into it.

So much HB heroine hurt could be assuaged that way and yet HB never does it. This OW doesn’t even get the required Biamchin H minion warning of prosecution – she gets to continue running around and spreading venom and I did not like that.

The evil OW hurt a pregnant lady for pity’s sake, put the bovine snot snarfer in jail for assault at the very least and the H should have publicly denounced her at the most. So while this one had it nice H moments, the lack retribution to the OW was a big drawback and that made this a pretty mediocre HB HPlandia outing.

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Hysband 09, Naksed rated it it was ok Shelves: View all 9 comments. Sep 25, StMargarets rated it liked it Shelves: One of HB’s better stories. It’s a trope salad – a blackmailed into marriage by a smitten hero, then amnesia caused by a car wreck as heroine was leaving him, an unexpected pregnancy, and then the OW squeezing the heroine’s injured hand in the powder room.

What’s not to like? Lots of showers, soups, omelets, pale blue carpets, dressing up and dressing down. Jul 27, Jenny rated it did not like it Shelves: Writing style was so boring! View all 6 comments.


Jun 10, Kiki marked it as avoid Shelves: Movie nights has never been more awkward: She’s learnt that her parents have both died and that she has no family except for the disturbing stranger who says he’s her husband and for the unborn child she carries. Alejandro has an air about him that Elise finds very disturbing, and when he touches her she can’t help her body’s response. Yet some part of her doubts the devoted husband he portrays. When she’s discharged, Alejandro takes her away to his beach house where they can become reacquainted, and slowly he disarms her defenses and she finds herself falling in love with him again.

Returning home to the real world, Elise slowly finds her memory returning, and then one day she recalls vividly why she married Alejandro and love had nothing to do with it. And she further remembers why she’d been driving the night of the accident. Having just discovered her pregnancy, she knew she couldn’t continue in a loveless marriage, nor put up with Alejandro’s mistress who was determined to make her life hell. I adore amnesia stories, especially when amnesia gives either the hero or heroine a second chance to prove their love.

It is clear that Alejandro adores his wife and he’s determined to win her heart. The bitter ex-mistress is a common commodity in Ms. In this one, though Savannah is quite the bitch, she’s rather tame in comparison to others written by Ms. The chemistry between Alejandro and Elise leaps off the page, keeping the tension quite high throughout the book. Jul 10, Leona rated it it was ok Shelves: This had a great premise and started off strong, but quickly went down hill.

The author spent more time writing about what the heroine was wearing, than the actual story between the hero and heroine. I could never understand the heroines actions. She seemed to be very misguided, extremely emotional I thought since this was an older book, that I might like it, better.

I think this is my last book by this author. Probably because her plots including dialogues and situations are so similar. Of course, the said amnesia provides the perfect opportunity for the husband to try and salvage the marriage which didn’t start out amicably. The malicious OW makes an appearance here as in most of Bianchin’s other books and there’s the customary description of clothes and food and other mundane everyday tasks; when the author could have instead focused on the chemistry between the protagonists.

Overall though, I didn’t find the story too bad and the writing mostly made up for all the plot deficiencies. It was light and sensual; hence the three stars. But would I read it again? Dec 30, Tia rated it really liked it. I actually read these books out of order, second one first, which I wasn’t too impressed with and then this one, the first one. I was much more impressed with this one than the second. It would of made the book 10 times better.

Decent enough I suppose but the whole time I was reading it, I kept wondering if I’d read it before or if I’ve only read books that were so similar they seem as if they are the same book.

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