I started experimenting with more frequent training with my clients in , and in I released the original High Frequency Training (HFT) program. He had such great success building muscle on my High Frequency Training (HFT ) program that it changed his views regarding the dogma. Try High Frequency Training (HFT): If underdeveloped arms are your problem ( and they most certainly are if you’re still reading this) it’s.

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My first training article was published almost 10 years ago. When I started writing my primary focus was telling people how to get bigger and stronger across their entire body. Articles such as Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy, Total Body Trainingand the Waterbury Method became huge hits on the internet with hundreds of thousands of hits.

And probably just like you I thought the latest newsstand muscle magazine was going to hold the key to a magical arm routine that would suddenly pack meat on my skinny arms my upper arm girth measured a pathetic After years of frustration I came to a conclusion that I hold to this day: Yet, I was able to naturally increase my upper arm girth to almost 20 inches once I figured out how to put the puzzle pieces together.

To this day I do some type of direct arm work because it does help. So here are the surefire steps that will make your arms grow.

The concept is simple: The biceps can handle a lot more load with rowing variations than with curls, so an effective strategy to overload your arms is by pulling with a htf position that maximally recruits your biceps — with the palms up.

For all curls, the palms should be down wrist pronated to target the forearm extensors and brachialis muscles — two sets of muscles that are woefully undeveloped on almost every guy.

For one month perform all upper body pulls with a supinated grip and all curls with a pronated grip and your arms will grow. Strengthen the Posterior Chain: The collection of muscles that run from your hamstrings to the back of your neck form the posterior chain. These consist of the biggest, strongest muscles in your body.

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As the Russian strength coaches like to say: A strong man is strong in the back of his body. When you strengthen the posterior chain with waterbbury such as deadlifts, squats, swings, and cleans it increases the neural drive to your upper arms. Another effective strategy is to pair direct arm work with heavy squat variations.

Perform reps of the front squat, rest seconds, then perform a set of curls. A heavy reverse lunge works well, waterbry. This CNS trick works awesome. Performing watebrury body exercises with barbells and dumbbells that have a fat grip is a excellent way to add size and strength to your forearms and upper arms.

How to Train More Frequently

Just slip the Fat Gripz over a barbell or the handles of dumbbells and you can instantly reap the benefits of fat grip training. Strengthen the Neck Extensors: When the neck is weak it limits neural input to wategbury limbs as a protective mechanism. Buy a head harness and perform sets of reps of the wtaerbury extension times per week and watch your arms grow.

Some strength coaches scoff that doing more curls is a waste of time if curls are working to begin with. The trick to making HFT work is to add your extra arm work at a different time of day than your htf workout. Increase Your Body weight: Fast muscle growth requires you to stay anabolic. The only time my arms got bigger was when I was trying to waerbury body weight to my frame. When my arms were biggest I weighed pounds. When I started lifting weights I weighed pounds.

You can add size to your upper arms without putting on a lot of extra body weight but it requires a serious investment of time and energy. How about an article on Delts and Back?


Or am I misreading? Some coaches feel the neck should never be training for conditioning with aggressive repetition or load. This would appear to place your recommendation in point 4 in direct opposition to this principle. Would it be preferable to simply strengthen the neck extensors isometrically rather than performing dynamic wagerbury That would seem to be the compromise that would respect the point you were making about neck extensor function and arm work.

There are numerous neck training machines and methods that make me cringe. However, a few sets of a few times per week is anything but aggressive neck training.

Plus, neck extension when performed correctly is a very natural movement. Strengthening the neck is essential for athletes, especially those in combat sports. Great article, it makes total sense. What you just said in this article makes it click for me and I understand that I was doing more good than I thought. Got to lbs from net gain, lost lots of fat too and wanted to get right into HFT. Would that not be working the arms too much over the period? Carl, read pages in HIAH.

There I outline other ways to take advantage of my HFT template with other exercises. Stick with the program template loading, reps, etc but feel free to use different exercises that will target your shoulders and chest. Your email address will not be published.

The New High Frequency Training | T Nation

Posted on October 12, by Dr. Nice article, Fat Gripz are next on my list of tools for the gym. I hope this makes sense.

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