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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hanna Instruments HI Waterproof Portable pH Meter, For Food and Dairy Products at Amazon. com. For operators working in food manufacturing, the HI is a top of the range meter for measuring the pH in solid and semi-solid foods. HI – Portable pH Meter for Food & Dairy Applications. Features: Easy to clean and keep clean; Specialized dairy electrode; Multi-level LCD display.

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Compact, heavy-duty, and waterproof Monitoring pH in dairy processes is critical to ensure the quality 9916 products.

The HI is a portable, pH and temperature meter is specifically designed for dairy applications.

HI 99161 FOODCARE pH Meter / Food and Dairy (HACCP Compliant)

FC D pH electrode features a rugged, easy to clean, PVDF body with a conical tip ideal ho measurements in semi-solids such as meats and cheeses. The FC D is also provided with a free diffusion sleeve type reference junction which prevents the typical problems of clogging in viscous liquids such as milk or condiments.


The electrolyte used in the FC D electrode is free from poisonous 999161 chloride which, in turn, effectively eliminates food contamination by the electrode. Click here to learn more! Mixers Vortex Mixers Accessories.

$ HANNA HI N pH Meter for Food, Free Fast Shipping!

Refractometers Brix Refractometers Digital Refractometers. Sterilization Products Autoclave BactiZapper. Manufacturer Hanna Instruments Weight.

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All the selected spare parts will be added at once. Add Spare Parts to Cart. Related Accessories Customers buying this product may also require: Flexible Scientific Arjons Dr.

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