Peter Abelard’s autobiography, the Historia calamitatum, is one of the best-known medieval texts, especially because of the story of his love for Heloise which it. The “Historia Calamitatum” was written while AbĂ©lard was still abbot of the monastery of St. Gildas, in Brittany. The terrors of his existence there are fully dwelt on. The Historia Calamitatum, although in the literary form of a letter, is a sort of autobiography, with distinct echoes of Augustine’s Confessions. It is one of the most.

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After a few months had passed, chance gave them an opportunity by which they sought to destroy me. This man’s bishop forthwith began to censure him, bidding him desist from hjstoria treasonable talk, but he boldly stood his ground, and said, as if quoting the words of Daniel: He does not speak of a temple of the Father, or a temple of the Son, as he does of a temple of the Holy Spirit, writing thus in his first epistle to hisyoria Corinthians: Methinks it would be a notable blessing to the Christian calamiyatum if there were more who displayed a like presumption.

BEFORE long all those who dwelt thereabouts began to censure me roundly, complaining that I paid far less attention to their needs than I might and should have done, and that at least I could do something for them through my preaching.

For a standard Latin text see “Historia calamitatum and Letters “, ed. And whosoever dissents from this is openly in error, and must not be listened to.

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Those who sought to belittle me in every possible way took advantage of my absence to bring two principal charges against me: The very man who had succeeded to my master’s chair in the Paris school offered me his post, in order that historria might put himself under my tutelage along with all the rest, and this in the very place where of old his master and mine had reigned. Why then was I wedded Only to bring thee to woe? She remained there with my sister until she gave birth to a son, whom she named Astrolabe.


Thus, in truth, should I become a philosopher less of this world than of God. Inspired by those records and examples, we should endure our persecutions all the more steadfastly the more bitterly they harm ccalamitatum.

Historia calamitatum: Consolation to a Friend

The latter, indeed, I had brought upon myself through my own wrongdoing, but this other violence had come upon me solely by reason of the honesty of my purpose and my love of our faith, which had compelled me to calamihatum that which I believed. With this he left me.

And so, as Quintilian says, did envy seek me out even in my hiding place. He incurred the displeasure and enmity of abbots, bishops, his own monks, a number of Church councils and St.

And because there was nought in my conduct whereby he could come at me openly, he tried to steal away the school by launching the vilest calumnies against him who had yielded his post to me, and by putting in his place a certain rival of mine. Afer calamitstum Calamity he turned from philosophy to theology and ethics and here he reveals qualities of calxmitatum not evident before. Indeed it became loathsome to me to go to the school or to linger there; the labour, moreover, was very burdensome, since my nights calmaitatum vigils of love and my days of study.

Among the gentiles there are, as has been said, the philosophers. It was their plea that, inasmuch as of old I had laboured chiefly in behalf of the rich, I should now devote myself to the teaching of the poor. Doubtless they would have regarded it as criminal in the famous scholar to have highly commended what he thus saw, saying thereof: Nay, matters came to such a pass that even my rivals denied that they had had anything to do with the matter, and as for the legate, he publicly denounced the malice with which the French had acted.

The tone is querulous, even peevish at times, and always the egotism and the pride persist, while he seems driven by the whip of desire for intellectual adventure into places where he shrinks from defending himself, or is unable to do so. Again, in the same work, St. Can there be a road that takes us home?

The last months of his life were spent under the protection of Peter the Venerable of Cluny, where he died. Written as it was some years after the great tragedy of his life, it was a portrait that somehow seems out of focus. Working in secret, he sought in every way he could before I left his following to bring to nought the school I had planned and the place I had chosen for it. As a result, my rivals became furiously angry, and summoned a council to take action against me, the chief instigators therein being my two intriguing enemies of former days, Alberic and Lotulphe.


Who would presume to erase from above the door the name of him who is the master of the house? What penalties, she said, would the world rightly demand of her if she should rob it of so shining a light!

Historia Calamitatum – | Rise Against

Even as the Son was sent into this world, so did the Holy Spirit descend upon the disciples, and thus does It claim Its special religious rites. And this refuge of divine mercy, which they served so devotedly, soon brought them consolation, even though at first their life there was one of want, and histodia a time of utter destitution.

In measure as this passionate rapture absorbed me more and more, I devoted ever less time to philosophy and to the work of the school. Even if we should by chance be parted from time to histofia, the joy of our meetings would be all the sweeter by reason of its rarity.

The legate, however, being less skilled in law than he should have been, relied chiefly on the advice of the archbishop, and histpria, in turn, on that of my rivals. In what sobriety and continence these men lived it is not for me to prove by illustration, lest I should seem to instruct Minerva herself.

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