HP 32SII — RPN Scientific Calculator Owner’s Manual [Hewlett Packard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 17 chapters plus appendixes . View and Download HP 32SII owner’s manual online. RPN Scientific Calculator. 32SII Calculator pdf manual download. View and Download HP 32SII instruction manual online. the calculator engineers prefer. 32SII Calculator pdf manual download.

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Unfortunately, the metal plate around the display has a dent towards the right side. Indonesia,24th week.

It is said to be of lower quality. The “feeling” of the keyboard is nevertheless very good!

HP 32SII Instruction Manual

Typ, Precision, Input Mode. Delivers highly accurate results!

Yes, comfortable programming model including indirect addressing and symbolic labels A-Z. Named programs LBL A.

Supports fractions, algebraic equations, gamma function, root finder, numerical integration, different number bases, named variables and programs A Zlinear regression, flags. Among them the solver and numerical integrator.


However, the implementation of complex numbers is not quite as seamless as in the HPC. It also introduces the concept of named variables and labels with a single letter instead of numbers.

It uses only one prefix key and provides most functions thru menus.


Thanks to the low-resolution graphical display that allows to show not only numbers but manuap text the menus are easy to use. This one is another candidate for “best calculator ever”.

Compared manuwl its close relative the HPS the main added features are support for fractions and equations but this comes maanual the price of a more cluttered keyboard with two prefix keys. Different from the HPS its menu structure is straight-forward and easy to use – maybe because it uses RPN and passes arguments on the stack. Includes a wealth of built-in functions comparable to the HPC. The sophisticated support for fractions is pretty unique even among other HP calculators at least at that time.

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