ILBE Pack System (Fig. specifics on how these stays should seat on the shoulders and back areas or how to be adjust the stays consult the ILBE user manual. I got a really nice surplus ILBE pack for Christmas and I’m pretty but it would be nice to have a USMC manual breaking it down Barney style. Ok, so as promised to some other members I’ve collected some pics for a quick explanation of the Marine Corps ILBE pack system. In light of.

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If you actually need more ways to attach gear, you can probably find these small D-ring clips. In the top center is that buckle which connects to carry flap strap we previously disconnected. To install a bladder, you simply insert the bladder through any of the large openings with the hose attachment facing outboard and at the bottom of the carrier.

In this picture you can somewhat see how the top strap of the carry flap attaches. We can see the top of source water bag by unzipping the horizontal zipper, the body of water bag can be opened for washing.

The corpsman and minister of the marines usually be sent by the navy.

Salute Arc’Teryx — all analysis of ILBE pack system

This allows you to separate the compartment into a couple sections. You will literally be holding the pack onto yourback by hand and that gets VERY tiresome. Last edited by the1kidd03; at The ILBE Pack is designed to carry a load of up to lbs but at the same time it distributes the weight so it is comfortable to wear.


Here is an idea of the manua, width: The navy and the marines have good relationship because of that they are governed by the Admiralty of Pentagon and they have natural and indivisible coordination in battle and transportation. Below 2nd pic you can see how one of these packs are included for easy drinking while on long hikes.

This is a view of the side of the main pack.

Pic is taken of the top lip at the drawstring. Notice how it is inserted into the elastic pocket and the strap travels through the hydration bladders carry handle. This pic shows how it is simply attached to a main pack. The two-ways zipper controls the opening and closing of the compartment out of the pack, so the pack can be opened very easily for taking objects.

It usually be called ear pack because of its position. Notice the long, black handle object near the edge of the molle webbing.

ILBE PACK | Complete information and description including photos and video of the USMC ILBE pack

There is also one longer strap which goes over the top of the contents and connects to the top of the main pack near the opening. Before removing the air: Because the RECON version can not replace the second generation version, in other words, it is not the replacement of the second generation version.

Next the pack includes soft padding on both the hip bet and shoulder straps. One-way zipper controls the opening and closing of the outer compartment books and other objects can be placed in which. There are side straps on the sides of the assault pack which allows you to do this as well.


And ignore the dog feet in pic Be sure to push out anything which seems like an air pocket and make the the bag material is firmly against these black strips. For carrying lots of medicines or ammunition equipment, the designer has enhanced the bearing capacity of the two packs by contrast with assault pack. Tension straps with fixing function are designed and used for top pack and main pack.

You can also use them in combination to some of the side straps to carry a secondary long gun by resting its butt stock in these pockets.

There is a drain hole at the bottom of the pack whose volume is big enough to put in a full box of drinks. To seal these bags, you first must locate the black seal strip near the top. Below is a standard issue camelbak. If YOU can damage one of these systems while it was previously in good condition, you deserve a job in military testing.

You do NOT want to be in the middle of a 20 mile hike over a mountainous region with a pack full of about lbs of gear and have one of these break on you.

This backpack is thick at this level of backpacks with a built-in back board on the back whose width of carrying and straps are moderate, it is very nice to use this backpack in mnual.

We can see the opening of main pack after getting rid of top pack.

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