AB. The International Marine Contractors Association. Guidance on. The Use of Cable Laid Slings and Grommets. IMCA M August AB The International Marine Contractors Association Guidance on The Use of Cable Laid Slings and Grommets IMCA M Franklin Grommet Slings. CGBL. Sling Diameter / mm. Reference: IMCA M Table Reference: MCLT/01 Rev Franklin Cable Laid Grommet Table.

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For core unit ropes also seven strands can be used. The length of tails of outer ropes after the last tuck should be at least three times the diameter of the cable laid rope and the tails should be seized to the main body of the sling. Appendix 5 gives guidance on the assessment of the condition of the sling or grommet and on discard.

Such operations often use cable laid slings and grommets of mm diameter and over, as developed for use in the offshore oil industry. Significant distortion of the rope The sling should be discarded when distortion due to kinking, crushing, core collapse or knotting is identified.

The method of splicing must be mentioned on the consolidation test certificate ima Appendix 2.

Dimension w should be in accordance with Table 1 with h at least 2w. A certificate of examination see Appendix 4 should be renewed after each thorough examination.

These tucks should be over and under against the lay of the rope, except that the first tuck only of any one unit rope may be with the lay. Damage due to weld arcing, etc. Dimension h should be at least 2w.

Guidance on the manufacture and safe use of cable-laid slings and grommets

Members are self-regulating through the adoption of IMCA guidelines as appropriate. Items 5 to 13 may be illustrated in a sketch. The actual unit rope breaking load should be equal to or greater than the calculated breaking loadaccordance with paragraphs 2. This note, therefore, gives i,ca on their construction, rating, testing, certification, examination and use.

An inspection or thorough examination is carried out to identify damage or deterioration which affects fitness for use, such as: Each cable laid sling should also be marked with a longitudinal line to show its alignment when originally measured see paragraph 2.

IMCA promotes improvements in quality, health, safety, environmental and technical standards through the publication of information notes, codes of practice and by other appropriate means.


Imcca no circumstances should the grommet contact any surface where the radius is less than 0. The guidance was originally prepared by a working group of experts in and was intended to be mainly of assistance to those concerned with the use of cable laid slings and grommets in very heavy lifting operations. The minimum remaining undistorted sling length between the splices of both sling ends shall, in all cases, be at least 15d, where d is the nominal diameter of the cable laid rope forming the sling.

There are two core activities 19 relate to all members: CSBL f is as defined in paragraph 3. Although the cross section of the grommet comprises a total of 14 ropes, the core section of the unit rope should 17 discounted in the imva of the breaking load because the joint is butted and not spliced. This certificate is valid for a maximum of six months or such lesser period as stated.

This is calculated as follows: Bending factor for the bend of a grommet at its ends or when used as a doubled grommet at the grommet body. The difference in length between slings of matched pairs should not exceed 0.

Sketches can be enclosed The competent person should consider measuring the actual length of the sling or grommet and the length of the splice tails, as this can give an important indication of serious deterioration.

If the sling body is to be doubled then this minimum length must be agreed by the interested parties, but should not be less than 15d. HSE has advised that, although it no longer issues this type of guidance, it would not be adverse to operational practices which followed the guidelines formerly available in PM Items 5 to 9 may be illustrated in a sketch.

The lay length of the cable laid rope should be a minimum of six times and a maximum of seven-and-ahalf times its nominal diameter. The sling should be withdrawn from service and referred to an independent competent person for thorough examination, where pitting, arcing or marked discoloration due to overheating are identified.

The grommet must never be bent at this marked position.

Guidance on the manufacture and safe use of cable-laid slings and grommets – IMCA

The sixth tuck can be made with one half of the strands from the outer unit ropes. For a grommet, the core butt position and the tuck position should be marked by red paint see paragraph 5. Localised breaks If there are three or more broken wires closely grouped, the effect on the sling or grommet should be assessed by an independent competent person.


Lay Factors For core unit and outer unit ropes: Damaged or defective terminations Particular attention should be paid to signs of: Guidance document on t Diameter of cable laid rope Pin diameter mm mm mm mm Table 1 — Pin Diameters mm mm mm mm If measurement under conditions different from the above is required, the customer should state the requirements on the order and the details should be shown on the Certificate of Dimensional Conformity Appendix 3A.

This core butt and tuck position should be clearly marked by red paint and should be positioned at approximately 0. For these applications, f is taken as not less than 2. Generally, the loss of strength caused by the mechanical or corrosive action on the rope as a whole is more critical than the loss in strength resulting from the actual wire breaks.

For and on behalf of: Consolidation certificate number Sling number Customer Measured length L?

IMCA publishes guidance on the manufacture and safe use of cable-laid slings and grommets – IMCA

The core should be worked in with the splice and not cut out. The bending factor EB shall be calculated according to the formula: The original working group membership for PM20 was as follows: Compacted or deformed unit ropes are not allowed to be used.

1799 The core unit rope should be right or 1179 hand ordinary lay; The outer unit ropes should be right or left hand ordinary lay; The cable laid ropes should be laid right or left hand. All tucks should be over one and under two. Corrosion The sling should be withdrawn from service and referred to an independent competent person for thorough examination where corrosion detrimental to the strength of the sling is suspected.

A thorough examination should be carried out:

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