Liste der Vorwahlen und Ländercodes Telefonvorwahlen der Staaten beginnen mit dem Zeichen ‘+’. Es ist eine Abkürzung für IDD, internationale Direktwahl. / Welt / Länder / Städte / Vorwahlen /. Wetter: Städte-Wetter Zeitzonen: nach Regionen alphabetisch Länder nach UTC Telefon-Vorwahlen. Telefon-Vorwahlen: Länder A – Z Länder +1 + Städte Internat. A – Z Städte in Land. Städte, Internationale Vorwahl A Abadan +(00) 98 national: 0

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This page makes the search tepefonvorwahlen the required dialling code easy. This is the perfect platform to call abroad and for international calls. Search for international dialling code either through the initial letter or through above search form. Simply introduce the requested country or destination and press Search.

Telefonvorwahl (Portugal) – Wikipedia

If the country is listed in our data base, you will be shown dialing code and country on the map. I received a call from this number yesterday.


I got a call from didnt answer. I received 2 unknown calls with the country calling code Please let me know whose number is this I got missed call from I received whatsaap massages containing abusive language from this number Missed call coming from this number Got a missed call from I missed a call from the number Which country teletonvorwahlen this?

International dialing code directory This page makes the search for the required dialling code easy. All countries of the world Search for international dialling code either through the teledonvorwahlen letter or through above search form.

Aku Josiah Junior Nigeria December 24,6: Leif Sweden December 21,7: Emmanuel Zambia December 20,3: Nabeel Dubai December 17,3: Jhong Qatar December 17, Sofia Dubai December 12,8: Harpreet India December 12,5: Sahad Uae December internattionale, Rabson Kamanga Malawi December 8,7:

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