Introducing Software Testing has 19 ratings and 1 review. This volume offers a step-by-step approach for getting started with practical software testing. This volume offers a step-by-step approach for getting started with practical software testing tasks. It is intended to serve developers with no experience in testing. Introducing Software Testing. Louise Tamres, Independent. © |Addison- Wesley Professional | Out of print. Share this page. Introducing Software Testing.

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The ideal software development environment allows for good requirements, suitable schedules, and adequate staff training.

Tamres, Introducing Software Testing | Pearson

In the real world, though, software is often developed under less than ideal conditions. Many software testers work with little guidance and must learn their craft on their own. Introducing Software Testing helps the inexperienced tester by providing practical ideas to jump-start the testing effort. This book guides the novice tester to make intelligent choices and maximize the effectiveness of software testing, even under challenging circumstances.

Testing concepts are introduced in the context of examples, without heavy theoretical details.

A common challenge testers face is to test under a loiuse deadline, regardless of the quality or quantity of product information. The book provides a step-by-step approach that helps the tester focus on core functionality. Another major obstacle is dealing with incomplete or missing requirements.


With techniques presented in the book, testers can identify missing information and perform useful testing, even when working with deficient requirements.

To illustrate how these methods help the tester identify relevant tests, examples contain insufficient product introducimg. Various documentation formats and shortcuts for recording test case information are presented. Many of the same techniques for testing procedural software are also useful for testing software designed with object-oriented principals. However, object-oriented systems require different strategies for unit level gesting.

The book’s examples highlight strategies for designing tests at the system and at the unit level.

Introducing Software Testing – Louise Tamres – Google Books

Testing web applications employ many of the methods that originate from testing client-server systems. The author provides checklists and sample test cases for situations specific to web applications. Most test design schemes create a vast number of test cases – too many to execute under most circumstances.

Applying risk analysis and other prioritization schemes helps the tester select the most relevant tests that address the most important features.

By following the test design strategies presented, the tester establishes a good foundation and can then improve on this initial work in order to eventually progress towards a more formal software testing environment.


Introducing Software Testing

Defining tests is just one aspect of software testing, and this book provides an overview of other software engineering tasks necessary for producing quality software.

The author describes how to evolve the test documentation in order to comply with some of the more lluise software engineering standards.

Knowing how to transform product information into test cases is testinb major challenge for any tester. Introducing Software Testing provides the stepping-stones that help the software tester create tests and move the testing effort in the right direction. Accessibility Links Skip to content Skip to left navigation Skip to right navigation Access keys help.

Introducing Software Testing by Louise Tamres. Introducing Software Testing by Louise Tamres The ideal software development environment allows for good requirements, suitable schedules, and adequate staff training. Print page Email page Share.

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