I was able to do it by not using the MemoryStream: (formLocation, outputFileNameAndPath, true); using (FileStream pdfFlat = new. convert annotations to FDF. I have some PDF files that are strictly Annot objects — they’re otherwise-blank files that just store the annots in the. The Acrobat FDF Toolkit provides a thread-safe API for writing server-side applications for Windows, UNIX and Java, making it easier to generate or parse FDF.

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iText 7 form examples

And sending a PDF to the browser sounds like one of the free uses. What are you doing that requires a license? Buying such a license is mandatory as soon as you develop commercial activities involving the iText software without disclosing the source code of your own applications.

I haven’t used it though as I use iText. I examined PDFbox and I think it might do the trick with the smallest investment in time for me to implement. The FSO stuff sounds intimidating.


iText 7 form examples | iText Developers

At first I didn’t think PDFbox would work because the feature set described in their command-line toolbox was missing the functionality I need, which is to add text in specific locations of a pre-existing PDF file. Then I checked out the cookbook and it looks like they have the methods I need I’ll update this thread with details on my progress. Other Open Source Projects. I work for a cheapskate company that doesn’t want to license iText.

For what we’re doing, the cost is prohibitive. Ideally, I’d like to have a static template and just have my code drop a few fields into the template such as name and address. I’ve searched this forum and the internets, but every discussion keeps pointing people at convedt.

I don’t think it is. Web apps are the case for which ffdf Affero license was created specifically; distributing an iText-generated PDF to a browser would require distributing the source code. The Affero license is unsuited for most business uses.


Jeanne, Thanks for your input on this topic. Unfortunately, iText is not free for sending PDFs to browsers in a commercial utext. See this text from the link you provided: I’ll take a look at PDF Box. I hadn’t heard about this possible solution. Another open source option for working with templates and generating pdfs and other artifacts is JODReportsthese libraries depend on Openoffice and provide an easy solution to generate pdfs from ODTs.

Acrobat Forms Data Format (FDF) Toolkit

That might be a fun exploration, but you’re not going to get far with creating PDFs from scratch. It is sorta covered in the JavaRanch Style Guide.

Modifying pdf with itext.

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