Tschichold’s New Typography and the Relationship to the Bauhaus more mainstream commercial design much through the efforts of designer Jan Tschichold. For example, he devised brand new characters to replace the multigraphs ch and sch. His intentions were to change the spelling by. Inspired (to some degree) by a general degradation of typography design problems and explained them to a wide audience was Jan Tschichold. Both rules punctuate the space, and Tschichold’s essay explains the new approach.

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Jan Tschichold

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It is more of a manifesto to printers to standardize page and paper sizes which has already happened. He had a constructivist approach.

The New Typography by Jan Tschichold – Paperback – University of California Press

This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat Tschichold was a prolific writer about th subject of typography, publishing articles over 50 years. Tschichold’s acting as a partisan here he later said he regretted his vehemenceand it doesn’t age well, but an interesting typographic curiosity.

Lists with This Book. Inspired to some degree by a general degradation of typography Also, a response to new printing technologies that allowed designers to break free from the confines of the tradition typecase. Gerd Arntz designed most of the pictographs, which he cut on linoleum blocks, printed on a letterpress, and then pasted into finished artwork.


Isotype was established by Vienna sociologist Otto Neurath. Soon after Tschichold had taken up a teaching post in Munich at the behest of Paul Rennerthey both were denounced as “cultural Bolshevists”.

Jul 26, Chris Beiser rated it liked it. Interesting explanation of how early modern typographers were thinking about how to use type. Reich, Gerd Arntz.

The New Typography | MoMA

Site Search by freefind. Tina rated it it was amazing Oct 27, Almost overnight, typographers and printers adapted this way of working for a huge range of printed matter, from business cards and brochures to magazines, books, and advertisements. All copies of Tschichold’s books were seized by the Gestapo “for the protection of the German people”. He played a significant role in the development of graphic design in the 20th century — first, by developing and promoting principles of typographic modernism, and subsequently and ironically idealizing conservative typographic structures.

In he was hired at a printing firm where he drew precise page layouts to be executed by the typesetters. Most simply it is defined as a rejection of the classical rules of typographic symmetry.

The New Typography

For the conclusion of Tschichold’s design career see this description of Tschichold’s design progression. Upon release he left Germany with this wife and son for a teaching position and printing work in Basel, Switzerland. Want typogdaphy Read saving….

First published in English inwith an excellent introduction by Robin Kinross, this new edition includes a foreword by Rich Tschuchold, who considers current thinking about Tschichold’s life and Since its initial publication in Berlin inJan Tschichold’s The New Typography has been recognized as the definitive treatise on book and graphic design in the machine age.


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Just as the Nazis shut down the Bauhaus, in Tschichold and his wife were arrested for being a “cultural Bolshevik” and creating an “un-German” typography.

Both rules punctuate the space, and Tschichold’s essay explains the new approach.

Licensing If you would like to reproduce an image of a work of art in MoMA’s collection, or an image of a MoMA publication or archival material including installation views, checklists, and press releasesplease contact Art Resource publication in North America or Scala Archives publication in all other geographic locations. Thanks for Sabon, Jan. German is rife with capitalization so it may be why this was such a topic of interest in Germany.

Feb 01, Carlos rated it it was amazing. The content was met with great controversy but was widely adopted. Wvrly rated it it was amazing Jan 01, It was originally written inby a 26 year old designer who abandoned many of the edicts within the following 5 years. Business cards would appear in all types of different sizes instead of the now common A7 size. This book is enlightening and maddeningly annoying.

It’s mind-boggling in our time to think those things were resisted when they were new.

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