Revision of the JKR Building Specifications started in. involving Civil engineers and the Architects. • The specifications was completed and applied to. Wednesday, October 22, JKR – Standard Specifications For Building Works How much for the specs handbook? Reply. JABATAN KERJA RAYA MALAYSIA. STANDARD SPECIFICATION. FOR ROAD WORKS. Section 4: Flexible Pavement. CAWANGAN JALAN,. IBU PEJABAT.

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Thank you for interesting in our services. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. We need your help to maintenance this website. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Site Items For S. Pindaan Tarikh Muka Surat: Scope Of Works 1. A copy of the Form of Contract is available for inspection on the Tender Table on any working day up to the time appointed for receiving tenders. If the tenderer considers that any of the clauses of the Contract involves expenses, he shall allow for the money value of such clauses in his Tender.

Other equivalent standards specifying superior material may be used with the approval of the S.

Standard Specification for Road Works: Section 9: Concrete (JKR/SPJ/S9-2008)

Refer to details in the B. In Drawings, large scale details shall take preference over specificahion scale Drawings. Drawings shall take preference over Standard Specifications.

He sepcification comply with all instructions or directions given by the S. Goods, Materials And Workmanship 6. Use Of Local Materials 7. The Contractor shall substitute any materials, plant, 214, or other goods proposed to be imported but not approved by the Government, with suitable local materials, plant, equipment, or other goods, including making any necessary sub-sequential changes or adjustments to the design of the Works to accommodate such substitution, all to the concurrence of the S.

B or other similar basis. The Contractor shall allow in his tender all costs and time required in complying with the requirements of this clause including the cost required for the services provided by the MTO. Sustainable Materials And Products 8. Metrication Unless otherwise specified hereinafter or shown on the Drawings, only materials of metric dimension shall be used for the Works. Materials of equivalent imperial dimension may only be used if the Contractor can satisfy the S.

Ordering The Contractor shall place his orders for specified materials at the earliest possible date after notification of acceptance of tender or at such times as may be specifically stated for any particular material.

Supply Of Materials By Government specifucation Shop Drawings, Samples And Mock-ups Mock-up units approved and accepted by the S. The programme shall be presented in the form of Gantt chart and network secification indicating, among others the critical activities, interface dates and resources required to complete the works within the Contract xpecification.

The submission to and approval by the S. O that the actual progress of the Works does not conform to the approved programme the Contractor shall submit for approval, a revised programme showing the modifications to the previously approved programme and additional resources necessary to ensure the completion of the whole Works within the approved contract period.

Inspection and Testing Schedule of the plant and equipment, itemising the type and frequency dpecification inspection and testing. Project Signboard The Contractor shall provide, erect, paint and maintain a project signboard in Bahasa Melayu as shown on the relevant drawing or as specificagion by the S.

The signboard shall be erected at a prominent position at the Site as approved by the S. The photographs to be taken from different angles as approved by the S. For building works, the average number per month shall not specifiication less than six 6 per block of building.


The photographs shall also be provided in jpeg or other approved format with each image set at minimum size of x speclfication and at resolution of 72 pixels per inch and submitted to the S. Failure to give sufficient notice shall not entitle the Contractor to extension of time due to any subsequent delays in connection with the Works. Access And Temporary Roads The Contractor shall speckfication and maintain all necessary temporary entrance to the Site and temporary culverts, tracks, bridges, et cetera for access to and within the Site as long as required to the approval of the S.

The position where the site access is to be made shall be as indicated on the site plan or as approved by the S. Where such electricity supply cannot be provided, generator set s may be used but safety precautions slecification be taken. The use of kerosene lamps shall not be allowed.

Standard Specification for Road Works (JKR/SPJ/) – REAAA Wiki

Site Security The Contractor shall provide all necessary personnel and lighting for the security of the site at all times until completion of the whole Works. Care And Protection Of Materials And Works The Contractor shall provide and maintain everything necessary for proper protection of materials and Works from any damage by weather, carelessness or otherwise.

Legislation And Regulations Drainage, Erosion And Sediment Control The Contractor shall be responsible for compliance with MSMA relating to erosion and sediment control.

The desilted material shall be specofication to disposal site approved by the S. The construction stabilization access can be made from aggregates, asphaltic concrete and concrete based on longevity, required performance and site condition. Upon removal of the stabilized construction access, the area shall be graded and stabilized. The position of the wash trough shall be as indicated on the site plan or as approved by the S.

The wash trough shall be maintained regularly throughout the contract period as directed by the S. The check dam shall be constructed of rocks or logs which are secured against damage during significant floods. It shall be of sufficient height and spacing to allow small pools to form between each one and also promote sedimentation behind the dam. The Contractor shall repair any damages and reinstate the specificatioh to their original condition to the satisfaction of the S.

All such diversions specifiation be equipped with temporary diversion signs and comply with the current JKR requirements Adequate workmen for controlling traffic diversion must be provided.

The sleeping area or resting area shall not be less than 5 m2 per person. Each accommodation unit shall be maintained, kept tidy and clean at all times. Common areas for dining, recreation and praying purposes shall be provided.

The external walls shall be painted. It shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition at all times to the satisfaction of the S.

All wastewater must be treated such that its effluent meets the requirements of all existing legislation and regulations.

Where such water supply is not available, potable water shall be provided from sources approved by the S. Potable water shall comply with the requirements of the guidelines issued by the MOH.

The Contractor shall store or stack at all times, all materials, tools, et cetera in a safe and orderly manner so as not obstruct any passageway or place of work. Office Accommodation For S.

Standard Specification – Quantity Surveyor Online

The quality of such relocatable site office shall specifcation of equivalent standard but not inferior to the JKR design type and shall be equipped with similar fittings and furniture as indicated in the JKR design site office. Such details shall include the name of the manufacturer, floor area and layout, list of fittings and furniture and brochures if available.


The Contractor shall also indicate whether the proposed site office is new or had been previously used. Where a rented premise is to be provided, the Contractor shall submit details, which shall include the layout and a list of furniture and speicfication to be provided to the S. The site office shall comply with local building bylaws. It shall be erected or provided by the Contractor and approved by the S.

Delete if not applicable. Suitable types of fire extinguishers shall be installed and maintained at required locations on the Site throughout the Contract period. Office Equipment And Facilities All equipment and facilities provided shall be new, delivered, tested and installed within four 4 weeks from the date of possession of Site.

JKR Standard Specification 2014.pdf

Maintenance shall include all necessary monthly servicing according to the manufacturer specifications and supply of accessories and consumables. Transport Services For The S.

O And His Staff Insert other items if required. O and his staff. If the Contractor fails to provide the required transport, the officer shall have the option to arrange alternative transport and the Contractor shall bear the expenses incurred. Material Testing Laboratory And Staff The Contractor shall be responsible for the maintenance of the Laboratory and all equipment including all necessary calibration throughout the duration of the Contract. The laboratory may be jointly used by the S.

The Contractor shall ensure that all instruments and equipment are maintained in good working condition at all times. Safe Working Area Such specificatino shall be designed and certified by a P. Catch platform shall not be used for storage of material or be used as working platforms or walkways.

The Contractor shall provide and maintain safe working conditions with sufficient illumination wherever persons are required to work or pass. For passageways, specififation and landings, the illumination shall be not less than 50 lux. Safety, Health And Welfare All excavation and any portion of the site where water stagnates or accumulates shall be kept dry by pumping, bailing or other operations.

The Contractor shall take measures to ensure that all equipment and machinery are in proper working condition so as to minimize the amount of noise and dust generated. Storage tanks for oil and grease shall be placed on concrete base with upstand edges to contain any spillage.

Any spilled oil and grease shall specifkcation promptly removed by the Contractor. The Contractor shall collect and store used oil, grease and other scheduled wastes and dispose these according to methods approved by DOE. The Contractor shall be held solely responsible for all accidents arising from any negligence in this respect. The Contractor shall employ throughout the entire contract period a competent and qualified person as Safety and Health Practitioner as below: The Contractor shall submit revised S-Plan whenever required.

Toilets shall be complete with adequate water closets, urinals, hand-basins with proper sanitary system and maintained in a clean and sanitary condition in accordance with the requirements of the MOH.

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