Here is the Amazon link. F8&qid= &sr=&keywords=juji+gatame pages on nothing. The Encyclopedia is the first book to examine, analyse, catalogue and Author Steve Scott has put together an extensive collection of Juji Gatame applications. Juji Gatame, the cross-body arm-lock, is the most popular arm-lock in the world. It has been used in a wide variety of martial arts and combat sports for years.

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Discussion in ‘ Grappling Technique ‘ started by stinkomanOct 5, Log in or Sign up. Anybody review this book?

May 8, Messages: Here is the Amazon link. Dec 8, Messages: Vitamin COct 5, Still not a lot juhi reviews on this book.

I’m ordering it today since I have managed to find it cheaper now and will review it once I get a chance to go over it.


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If somebody happens to have it or read it please share you thoughts. Jun 19, Messages: A guy on lockflow. If you look at the other people selling it on amazon it is.

Oct 4, Messages: Dec 17, Messages: Land of the Idiots. SaenchaiFeb 19, May 24, Messages: Any grappling book called “encyclopedia” almost always sucks.

Juji Gatame Encyclopedia

It just means an assload of variations of the encyclopedla move, which is pointless. ZankouFeb 19, Feb 27, Messages: Drew FosterFeb 19, Feb 14, Messages: AnOddParadigmFeb 19, Apr 19, Messages: I have the book and honestly I love it.

As stated encyclopedia books can get repetitive and “oh look I turned left instead of right” it’s a jujo move. But as a 1 year blue belt the book did help me open my eyes to where armbars can be had from. I quit doing armbars only from mount. Again the book isn’t magic but it helped me visualize “possibilities”.


Juji Gatame Encyclopedia by Steve Scott

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