Combining phenomenology and psychoanalysis in highly innovative ways, this book seeks to undo the binary opposition between appearance and Being that. Year: ; Title: Kaja Silverman, World Spectators; Publisher: Stanford: Stanford University Press; Serie: New Series ; Document type: Book editing. World Spectators by Kaja Silverman. Stanford Univ. Press, Stanford, CA, pp. ISBN: (trade), (paper). LEONARDO.

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Single-item reviews will continue as before, and these are intended to be reactive, informative and analytical as far as possible within the terms laid down by the kaka or artist. Of course, our single-item reviews often comment on the relative merits of the assumptions that are behind the work, but this is largely secondary to situating the material within an existing body of practice or a bibliography.

A review article, on the other hand, will normally deal with two or more items.

Using these as the primary data source will show the significance or otherwise of the material to the reviewer’s own intellectual position and research interests relative to the Leonardo project. Michael Punt Managing Editor: Bryony Dalefield Web Coordinator: How did we come to be in the world? Why are we here, knowing we are here?

World Spectators – Kaja Silverman – Google Books

What do we do to inhabit the universe? These are fundamental questions for artist and scientist alike, which Kaja Silverman, in all modesty, sets out to answer in this small, elegant and arresting book.


Coming out of the humanities her previous work includes significant interventions in semiotics and film theorySilverman’s initial casus belli is to raise the pennant of the visual against the apparent triumph of the linguistic in studies of how and what humans mean. In the process, she attempts to square one of the odder circles of contemporary theory: The task is difficult. Silver-man proposes that the philosopher needs the psychoanalyst to understand the subjectivity, and especially the duty of care, fundamental to Heidegger’s concept of the human as Daseinas “being there.

Silverman’s argument opens with an impressive analysis of the repression of the visual in Plato’s myth of the cave, establishing that “Our ‘essence’ is thus strangely inessential” p. This inessentiality is clarified in the second chapter: Of course, that is a moment from which, by definition, we are absent.

Using Heidegger’s metaphor of the jar from his essay on “The Thing” Heidegger, and the parallel work of Lacan on the vase in Seminar VII Lacan,Silverman proposes that the relation of world and subject is based on mutual incompletion, a void sculpted in the heart out of the necessary elimination-repression of the first unnamable object of individual desire.

World Spectators (Cultural Memory in the Present): Kaja Silverman: : Books

And yet, as the phenomenological tradition has attested for a generation, to see is to be seen, to belong to the visible. If we appropriate the world to our desires, we are also appropriated. The question then is: What does the world desire? The book’s final chapter is a tour de force of argument, realizing the meticulous theorizations presented in a bravura act of optimism. Drawing on the maverick biology of Caillois and Portmann, Silverman argues that animals, insects, even stones appear in forms that cannot be explained by the usual reasons survival, camouflage, display.


Rather, they exist to display themselves for perception in the visible world, and thus perception by humans, that unique species in which perception as aesthesis has silverjan a specialty. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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