Kalighat Paintings refer to the class of paintings and drawings on hand-made or more usually on machine-made paper produced by a group of artists called. Kalighat Paintings is a form of Indian modern art that is inspired by religious and mythological characters as well as civil life. Kalighat paintings, as the name suggests, were created in the Kali Temple area on the ghat (bank) of the Burin Ganga (a canal diverging from the Ganges River) .

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Mukul Dey Archives When German traders found that these pictures had a very great sale throughout the country—for they kalgihat sold in thousands all over India—they imitated them and sent back glazed and coloured lithographed copies which flooded the country and drowned the original hand-painted pictures.

Hence emerged two different styles of the Kalighat painting, the Oriental, and the Occidental, both of which were popular in the country.

The artists had once been itinerant scroll painters who had switched to hand-made paper sheets instead of cloth after they moved to the Kalighhat imperial capital of India, Kolkata, in the s.

Foyer 12 Apply Foyer filter. Decorating the walls was painings very old tradition in India, whether in temples, palaces or even the humble houses of the poor.

Experts say, that this shift in theme could have been influenced either by the Mughal fascination with fauna or with British, and by extension Western, interest in modern themes. The other vibrant colors used for filling the painting were essentially homemade in the form of either vegetable dyes or powdered stone fragments of different colors. Ninteenth century Kalighat painting.

Pets and other animals palntings as cats, fish, lobsters, prawns, birds etc.

Kalighat Paintings: Murder in the Collection

However, the paintings have attained its pinnacle in between and April 5, – Indian designers have been inspired by this genre of art to create some palntings the most unusual motifs to have ever been spotted on a saree.

Basement 10 Apply Basement filter. Images of Durga, Lakshmi, and Annapurna were also popular, especially during the Durga Puja festival.


They are alone together, a sign that the seduction has begun. Kwlighat brushwork on these paintings are deemed by experts as deft, seamless, flowing and one of the smoothest art forms in India. The case sparked a mass public outcry calling for the protection and rights of women in India, highlighting the high number of uninvestigated rape cases and the victim-blaming by authorities and perpetrators.

Garage 10 Apply Garage filter. Various scenes related to the Tarakeswar affair were portrayed in Kalighat repertoire: Nabin Kills Elokeshi Figure 6: Kalighat paintings are now on exhibit across the globe, right from Britain to Prague to Philadelphia. Initially these artists were concentrated around the temple at Kalighat where there was a demand for religious art. Kalighat paintings also saw a diversification in the motifs or subjects for their paintings.

They remind us that our obsession with the salacious story, whether it is the latest Trump rumour or a nineteenth-century murder case in Bengal, is nothing new. The Board of Governors is responsible for all philanthropic activities.

A postmaster in a rural post office in West Bengal, he is one of the few artists painting in kalighaat style today. The charm of the Kalighat paintings lies in the fact that they captured the essence of daily life and they influence modern artistes like the late Jamini Roy even to this day.

There are 12 search results. For example yellow was produced from the turmeric root, blue was made from petals of Aparajita flower, and black was produced from common shoot by burning an oil lamp under a pot. This motivated artists to move to the city and learn newer techniques and appreciate modern themes, the influence of which can be seen in the later Kalighat paintings. Leave this field blank. Besides motifs, Kalighat paintings feature the use of basic colors like indigo, blue, black, yellow, red and green due to the predominant use of homemade dyes.

Culture of West Bengal.

The specific genre of Kalighat paintings is believed to have originated around in India. Even contemporary events like crime were the subject of many paintings.

Kalighat Paintings: Murder in the Collection | Royal Ontario Museum

Besides his profession, he is having interest to explore traditional arts and heritages of Bengal. In contrast to the linear narrative style of the scrolls, Kalighat paintings depict a single scene with graphic, simplified forms and often satirical, contemporary content. Since Kalighat Temple was a popular religious destination, people would buy Kalighat paintings during their regular kxlighat.


The Board of Trustees is the governing authority for the Museum. The glamour of Kalighat Paintings decayed gradually after that, as the market was flooded with cheap printed reproductions of the themes of Kalighat paintings.

Kalighat painting or Kalighat Pat originated in the 19th century West Bengalin the vicinity of Kalighat Kali TempleKalighatCalcuttaHindustanand from being items of souvenir taken by the visitors to the Kali temple, the paintings over a period of time developed as a distinct school of Hindustani painting. It was thus kaliyhat that the prime focus were given on religious and mythological characters.

Several colours like blue, indigo, red, green, yellow, carbon black etc. Nurture discovery and inspire wonder in your students through the power of authentic art, culture, and nature objects!

Room Category Bedroom 12 Apply Bedroom filter. From the reproductions which accompany this article it will be seen that the drawings, by means of a few broad strokes of the brush, give a vigorous outline of a God or of some legendary subject, or sketch some purely social subject treated in a spirit of satire.

Mukul Dey The Archives F. Murder in the Collection. Kalighat Inspired by Indian Mythology Image: At this time, many Patua artists — itinerant storytellers who travelled from village to village, slowly unrolling and singing from scrolls in exchange for food and other goods — migrated to Kolkata paintins selling their illustrated Kalighat paintings gave them a more secure income.

APT has driven the Gallery’s focus on the region and enabled the development of one of the world’s most significant collections of contemporary Asian, Pacific and Australian art.

Kalighat painting developed in the midth century in Kolkata formerly Calcutta to illustrate the Hindu gods kwlighat goddesses and respond to topical social and political events affecting the local people.

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