Kamil-Al-Ziyarat [Abil Qasim Ja’far bin Muhammad bin Musa (Ibne Quluwayh)] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Table of Contents Chapter. Wilayat Mission features Kamil al Ziarat English Translation. Now available for free download in PDF or hardcopy on Amazon. Kamil Al Ziarat. Abul Qasim Jafar Bin Muhammad Bin Jafar Bin Musa. Bin Quluya Al Qummi. Translated by. Syed Jazib Reza Kazmi. Wilayat Mission®.

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Unlike many English renderings of Hadith collections, Shiabooks. Further, if there are multiple chains or differing versions ziyarar a narration, these are often, if not always, included. Kamil Al-Ziyarat is the fourth major publication from Shiabooks.

Kamil Al-Ziyarat – Google Books

Copies are available for purchase now at the website of Shiabooks. It is a utilitarian yet inspiring collection of narrations, purportedly the most complete and comprehensive in existence, about Ziyarator ziyzrat visitation to the holy places of the Shia. This adds to the authenticity and completeness of the works and usability for scholarship and research purposes. It opens a door of study previously closed in the English language.

Kamil Al-Ziyarat is organized in chapters that start with discussing Ziyarat and ziayrat purposes and benefits in general, then quickly go onto narrations about the Ziyarat of particular holy persons and related topics.

For example, ziyarah chapter on the reward of visitation of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him and his progeny is followed by one which mentions how to perform this Ziyarat — what to recite and where, etc.


Kamil al Ziarat English Translation

The kami, chapter is about rewards of praying in mosques where the Prophet had prayed, and after this, the narrations move on to kamol of Hazrat Hamzah. Similarly, when in later pages the topic moves to Ziyarat of Imam Hussain peace be upon himthere are chapters explaining the rewards, and the ziyqrat and where, but also many related chapters about his martyrdom appropriate for someone attempting Ziyarat to know.

The majority of the page work is on the Ziyarat of Imam Husain. One oddity of format: However, there is an index at the end of the book, which is really misnamed; it is really a chapter-by-chapter table of contents. It is sufficient as an index as well, because the chapters are short, usually just a few pages, and with descriptive titles and narrow focus.

This book might not be the one you take with you on a Ziyarat trip for a few reasons: Ziyarwt is provided in sections which describe what you would say in performing Ziyaratwith translation but not transliteration. But these sections are a small portion of the whole work — this is not a slim back-pocket guide.

It is much more than that. But without a doubt, this book should be required reading for anyone planning a Ziyarat trip or even just dreaming about it, or those who have never really understood the merits, reasons, or appeal of such journeys.


Kamil al-ziyarat (book)

Some people will find it spiritually rewarding and engaging to read from cover to cover, while others may prefer to read portions about particular visitations ap, or use it as a quality source for religious research.

Perhaps the defining characteristic of all works put out by this publisher is quality. No one else compares when it comes to lasting bindings and use of something like LaTex to beautifully render both Arabic and English together on the same page.

The English-speaking Shia community owes sincere gratitude to Allah and to this publisher for the works they have been making available. The quality serves as evidence of a labor of love and devotion to Ahlul Bayt. Now that we see what is possible, it may raise the bar of English publication of Shia works permanently.

I hope that this work will be strongly supported so that ziyarqt may follow.

This reader heartily recommends not only Kamil Al-Ziyarat but everything Shiabooks. Purchase information as well as future projects can be found at http: Sign up for our Biweekly Newsletter Subscribe to our mailing list to get updates Insightful reads to help you get through life’s challenges!

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