Rasa manisnya yang pas membuat keripik salah bisa menjadi alternatif pilihan cemilan teman ngopi. Mereka tidak putus asa, beragam cara menghilangkan rasa sepet salak pun dicoba. Percobaan berulangulang akhirnya menghasilkan keripik salak yang layak. i-salak- pondoh/ ‎.

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Kripik or keripik are Indonesian chips or crisps[1] bite-size snack crackers that can be savoury or sweet. They are made from various dried fruits, tubers, vegetables, and fish that have undergone a deep frying process in hot vegetable salaj.

Together with krupukthe etymology of the term kripik is believed as an onomatopoeia in Indonesian to describe the crunch sound of this crispy snack.

Kripik – Wikipedia

Kripik chips and krupuk crackers are an integral part of Indonesian cuisine. The most popular are kripik singkong cassava crackers and kripik pisang Banana chips ; other types of fruit, yam or tuber crackers are also available. Kripik is closely related to krupuk since it is popularly keirpik as a smaller sized krupuk. In Indonesia, the term krupuk refers to a type of relatively large crackers, while kripik or keripik refers to smaller bite-size crackers; the counterpart of chips or crisps in sxlak cuisine.


For example, saalak chips are called kripik kentang in Indonesia. Usually krupuk are made from a dried paste consisting of a mixture of starch and other ingredients, while kripik are usually made entirely from a thinly sliced, sun-dried, and then deep-fried product without any mixture of starch.

Almost all type of fruits, nuts, tubers and plant products can be made into kripik. Other types of kripik can be coated with saoak and deep fried until crispy and dry.

In Indonesia, the latest popular snack is extra hot and spicy kripik. Kripik are traditionally made by a small-scale home industry. Some brands have mass-produced certain variants of kripik chips. In Indonesia, kripiks are often sold as oleh-oleh or ketipik gift to be brought home after travel. Certain areas has developed their specialty kripiks which depend on locally available ingredients and recipes.

Keripik Salak Pondoh | SETIA UTAMA PANGAN

For example, Lampung is well known for its banana kripiks[8] Malang in East Java for its fruit-based kripiksincluding apple and jackfruit kripiks[9] while Bandung is well known for its tempeh, oncom, tubers and sweet potato-based kripiks. It is a bag of fiery hot cassava chips offered in different levels of spiciness. Subsequently, the popularity of extra hot kripik ‘ swept across nation.


Kripik sanjaicassava-chili kripik. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kripik Kripik singkong cassava kripik. Kramer; Koen, Willie; Walak, Katherine Tuttle Concise Indonesian Dictionary: Archived from the original on 11 May Retrieved 28 June State Ministry of Environment.

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Tribun Jambi in Indonesian. Tribun Lampung in Indonesian. Indonesian cuisine by ethnic group. Mie aceh Mie caluk Roti canai Nasi gurih Timphan.

Keripik Salak Pondoh

Colo-colo Papeda Sagu Babi bakar. Ayam Taliwang Plecing kangkung Beberuk terong. Nasi biryani Roti cane. Chips and dip List of snack foods. Retrieved from ” https: Indonesian cuisine Indonesian ealak foods Deep fried foods Vegetarian dishes of Indonesia. CS1 Indonesian-language sources id Use dmy dates from September Articles containing potentially dated statements from February All articles containing potentially dated statements Commons category link is on Wikidata.

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Kripik singkong cassava kripik. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Keripik.

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