View and Download Korg TR88 service manual online. TR88 Synthesizer pdf manual download. Korg TR88 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Korg TR88 Service Manual. TR music workstation Synthesizer pdf manual download. Korg triton le synthesizer service manual (32 pages) Synthesizer Korg TR88 Service Manual .

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Please be msnual that Korg will accept no this equipment. If liquid gets into the equipment, responsibility for any damages which may result from it could cause a breakdown, fire, or electrical loss of data.

Thank you for purchasing the Korg TR music workstation. To ensure trouble-free enjoyment, please read this manual carefully and use the instrument as directed.

Table of Contents Selecting and playing a program. HI Hyper Integrated synthesis system.

Korg TR music workstation Operation Manual

Front and rear panel Front panel 1. Media mode will be selected. These are used to increase or decrease the parameter When a dialog box is open, this key will cancel the set- value in steps of one. These are unbalanced phone audio input jacks. Check box In Media mode, these select the current directory. Accesses the utility menu where maunal can execute utility menu commands.

Dialog boxes Page menu When you select a utility menu command etc. If you are off. Selecting modes, pages and tabs; The page menu will appear. Selecting modes In T8r8 mode there is only one page, so the page In order to use a particular function on the TR, you menu will not appear.

Recording a fourth take will mean that Compare now alternates between takes three and four, and so on. The TR contains demo songs and preloaded data. Selecting and playing a program Selecting the program bank In Program mode you can select and play a program from banks A—D, G, g d. Here we will show how to In Program mode, you can switch banks to select pro- select preset programs. For details on operation, refer to p.

Using the arpeggiator while you play The arpeggiator is a function that automatically gener- Using the mabual in Program ates arpeggios broken chords. Most arpeggiators pro- duce an arpeggio when you play a chord manua the mode keyboard.

When you play a key in kodg range of C—1 — C2, the cur- Using the RPPR function, each note of the keyboard rently-playing pattern will stop.

Simple program editing Amp Level: Indicates the amp level. This tf88 adjust By operating the performance editor and the realtime controllers you can easily and intuitively modify the the volume of the entire program.

KORG TR88 Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

Simple combination editing Selecting the program for a timbre A combination is a set of multiple up to eight pro- grams, and allows you to create complex sounds that 3 Select the Prog page. Speak the word that you want to sample. A dialog box will appear. Set the recording level Sampling and looping a drum 1 Play back the audio source that you want to record. With these settings, vertical dotted lines will be dis- played at BPM quarter note intervals.

You can also access the same dialog box by hold- Writing to internal memory ing down the [ENTER] key and pressing the [0] key. The screen shown is for Program mode Memory protect To prevent programs, combinations, songs, user drum kits, and user arpeggio patterns from being overwrit- ten accidentally, the TR provides a Memory Protect set- ting that prohibits writing to memory.


The function buttons will have the following functions. Assigning a name Rename Clear: Delete the character at the cursor loca- You can modify the name of an edited program, combi- tion. Insert a space at the cursor location. The programs A-Dcombinations A—Cdrum kits, user arpeggio patterns and global settings of internal Directory memory, and sequencer songs, cue lists, can be trans- A directory containing the multisamples.

Program mode In Program mode you can select, play and edit pro- How a program is organized grams. Program mode consists of pages 1. A program consists of the many parameters of 2. Play; you can select and play programs.

Korg TR88 Manuals

Basic Prog Basic page The three elements of sound Sound can be broken down into three elements: Filter characteristics When resonance manal applied This area of Level Level overtones will Low Pass be diminished Level Filter Overtones after Overtones tr8 in the original multisample passing through the filter Frequency pitch Frequency pitch Basic page Low resonance value High resonance value Mod.

You can choose the volume of softly played notes and increase the vol- from a variety of waveforms, including standard ume of strongly played notes, and this Amp Modula- tr888 such as Triangle, Saw, Square, and Sine, tion parameter adjusts the depth of this control.

More about Alternate Modulation Auto Song Manuap function Alternate Modulation is a type of modulation that can This function automatically applies the settings of the be used to control various aspects of the sound. Combination mode In Combination mode you select, play and edit combi- If a program being edited in Program mode is nations. Kory the settings being edited. Layer, split, and velocity switch The Compare function Within a combination, you can use keyboard location As you are editing a combi, you can use the [COM- and velocity to change korv program that sounds.

The PARE] key to listen to the previously saved version as programs assigned to each timbre can sound in three it was before you began editing. Your playing on the keyboard is transmitted on the global MIDI channel, and will sound any timbre that matches this channel. Pitch page Layer and split settings 3. Ed—Key Zone Indicates settings such as layer, split, and keyboard crossfade.

Each area that sounds a timbre is referred to as manuak These parameters adjust the pitch of the timbre. Auto Song Setup function This function automatically applies the settings of the current combination to a new song.

The structure of Sequencer mode Patterns There are two types of patterns: Patterns suitable for drum tracks are preset in internal memory, and can be selected for any song.

If this is checked, a drum pattern will be copied to As an example, we will create a song by following the the song after the template song is loaded.

Bass, and play it from the keyboard. Next select T03—T08 in order, and play them from the keyboard. Recording arpeggio patterns The performance of an arpeggio pattern can be recorded into a song.

With the settings of this template song, the arpeggiator will function on track 4. The LCD screen will show numerical values for the Rapid phrases can also be recorded in realtime by data that you input. The display will change, and only the playback of tracks 1 and 2 will be heard. In the SEQ 1. Input the number of measures for the song. Creating and playing a Cue List If you set this to Continue to Step01, the cue list will play back repeatedly.


If playback is not connected smoothly between Using a foot switch to switch the Step songs when playing a cue list You can use a foot switch to switch the Step. It is a good mance idea to keep the assigned keys together in this way. In rectly during playback some cases, correction may also be necessary if the two arpeggiators use the same MIDI channel.

WRITE] key or a connected pedal switch at the desired location to start or stop recording. During loop record- specify the MIDI channel for each track. Step recording This is a method of recording where you specify the note timing, note length, and velocity etc. Control data in pattern recording To record control data in a pattern, you should restore the control data to its normal value within the pattern.

The multisample and sample data in the Sampling Multisamples mode is not backed up when the power is turned off. If you wish to keep this data, you must save it A multisample consists of settings that make one or more samples sound in different areas of the keyboard. The following dialog box will appear. The selected range will be highlighted. The dotted grid lines will appear.

Editing a multisample is accomplished with a number of operations i. On checkedKey: If the beat of the rhythm loop sample is not repro- duced correctly or if you hear unwanted noise when you change the tempo, the reason may be that slicing was not performed optimally in step DKit you can edit these drum kits to entire TR, such as user scales, category names, drum create your own original drum kits.

For example if the note number to which a open hi- hat and a closed hi-hat drumsample are assigned are set to the same exclusive group number, they will be grouped so that the open hi-hat and closed hi-hat can not be sounded simultaneously, ensuring Media must be formatted. UP This chapter describes the procedure for making arpeggiator settings in each mode. Arpeggiator settings for a pro- gram P If this is checked, the arpeggio will con- tinue playing even after you take your hand off the keyboard.

You can use keyboard ranges or playing velocity to Gch. T4 will be sounded by arpeggiator A.


If a blank pattern is selected, playing the keyboard Creating a user arpeggio pattern will not start an arpeggio. Although preset arpeg- gio patterns P—P can be selected, they can- not be edited. When you edit a user arpeggio pattern, the About user arpeggio patterns changes will have an effect anytime that this pat- tern is used in Program, Combination, or Song.

This offsets the pitch of the use numeric keys [0]—[9], [—], and [. Select this insert effect step 4. Using the Dmod function to vary the feedback For some effects, you can synchronize the LFO fre- level by operating [SW1] key quency to the tempo.

If you connected a Korg PS-1 pedal switch, select – You can create your own original scales. The pedal will not function cor- sixteen different User Octave Scales in which the pitch rectly if you do not select the correct polarity.

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