“The essence of Air is the essence of speed and awareness. It is oneness with the world, both physical and spiritual.” – The Tao of Shinsei. L5R Book of Air *OP [Aeg] on The Book of Air is the first in a series of elemental sourcebooks that will explore the L5R RPG Book of Earth * OP. Some news on AEG forum re: Book of Air release Seriously, L5R 4e is one of the best RPGs out there. I’m going to see if I can order this book.

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Swirling winds can be commanded to circle a designated target, preventing ranged attacks being made in either direction. Page nook, Kitsu Shugenja School: The buffeting winds deflect arrows and other projectiles. Or you could help your family seize lands belonging to another.

Poetry; as both a requirement and part of its technique.

L5R 4e The Book of Air HC RPG | #

Men’s k5r are shaky, distant things, lodged deep within their minds, and nearly all mortals possess some past sin, some shame they would rather have forgotten. Once created, the bubble of silence will not move, even if the caster for the target object relocates. The spell entreats the Air kami to raise a soft but carefully controlled wind which sweeps all the dirt, insects, and other filth out of the building.

The School Skills listed for the Phoenix character are incorrect. If the target is physically or mentally active, the spell will not put him to sleep, but he will suffer the effects of being Fatigued for the duration of the spell. I’m in love with the L5R universe. The wind kami surround you and render you completely invisible. It drains the life-essence of its prey directly, drawing it out through its vaporous appendages.


The sudden roaring onslaught of wind, rain, and lightning inflicts 3k2 damage on everyone within the area of effect, and they must roll their Earth at TN 30 or be Fatigued by Isora’s howl. The resulting blend of story, sound, and imagery can be quite compelling, and Kakita storytellers have been known to seek out masters of this spell to assist their art.

There is a D20 7th sea?! This spell may not be cast in a given area more than once per month, as it completely exhausts the favors of the air kami to perform it.

A skilled shugenja can petition the kami to create incredibly elaborate illusions to obscure aiir identity and appearance. Although these illusions can be extraordinarily intricate and completely convincing to all other senses, they still have no substance and cannot be touched.

L5R 4e The Book of Air HC RPG

Clarification of the 4th edition dueling rules The 4th Edition of the Legend of the Five Rings RPG extensively re-worked the rules for Iaijutsu Dueling, and based on the number biok questions asked in the nearly five years since publication, the new dueling rules can be somewhat confusing to both old and new players.

Only the target can see the specifics of the illusion; others see only a hazy outline that appears to be a small fog cloud. This is incorrect the Technique does not actually grant such an ability and should be ignored. Make sure players have their own goals aside from og main plot point of the current campaign. Understanding that the characters are real people with feelings and flaws, who are striving towards and often falling short of certain social ideals, really helps to get inside their heads, particularly if you roleplay them as dropping certain levels of formality around trusted friends something which the PCs within a party will hopefully become to each other as the campaign progresses.


You can create a flawless illusion of one object.

You Water Ring is considered halved rounded down while you remain insubstantial, and you may not cast any other spells until you return to solidity. PageExample of Character Creation: In short, it is well worth it. PageDance of the Winds Kata: However, it cannot be used to snatch items from 5lr else’s boo, or person – the Air spirits consider that to spoil the fun. The oni should have the Special Ability of Huge.

ai An additional note in this regard: However, GMs who find this to be unrealistic may opt to restrict the Kitsune ajr one or the other Trait bonus throughout their history. For the duration of this spell, you essentially hear the surface thoughts of the spell’s target. But the flaw to L5R is finding a good group to play it, familiar with rokugani customs and societal norms and knowing how to play within those boundries. Furthermore, in order to successfully impose his thoughts on the target’s mind, the caster must succeed in an Contested Air Roll against the target; failure means contact is broken and both sides suffer a severe headache as above.

They should have a Scroll Satchel like the other shugenja schools.

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