Anul aparitiei: Caracterele 2 vol. Stoc anticariat ce trebuie reconfirmat. Adauga in cos. La Bruyere. Caracterele 2 vol. Editura: Pentru Literatura Universala. La Bruyere în Caracterele. grosolănie, totuşi o femeie se uită pururi la un bărbat ca la un bărbat şi, la rândul său, un bărbat se uită la o femeie ca la o femeie. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Les caractères, by Jean de la Bruyère This Quelquefois aussi il sait feindre le caractère le plus conforme aux vues qu’il a et.

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We should like those whom we love to receive all their happiness, or, if this were impossible, all their unhappiness from our hands, It is a weakness to love ; it is sometimes another weak- ness to attempt the cure of it. Experience proves us that if we are effeminate, and indulgent towards ourselves, and obdurate towards others, we show but one and the same vice.

When now and then his feelings get the better of him, he expresses his opinions 1 It was the custom in Paris, at the time La Bruyere wrote, for any gentleman or lady to leave part of their gains on the table, to pay, as it were, for the cards ; hence the allusion.

Why should men be blamed because women are not learned? Thus it is with most men ; in their youth they are only occupied with themselves, are spoiled by idleness or pleasure, and then wrongly imagine, when more advanced in years, that it is sufficient for them to be useless or poor for the commonwealth to be obliged to give them a place or to relieve them.

From time to time have appeared in the world some extraordinary and admirable men, refulgent by their virtues, and whose eminent qualities have shone with prodigious brilliancy, like those uncommon stars of which we do not know why they appear, and know still less what becomes of them after they have disappeared.

Lcnginus him- self says that anything which leaves us food for thought, which almost carries us away, and of which the remembrance is lasting, is subiime. May I not have the same correct thought after them, as others may have after me? There is no business in this world so troublesome as the pursuit of fame: See page 43, note 2. It laa virtue alone which should guide us in the choice of our friends, without any inquiry into their poverty or riches ; and as we are resolved not to abandon them in adversity, we may boldly and freely cultivate their friendship even in their greatest prosperity.

Dominating the legal field is the Commentaries of the Carzcterele of England by Sir William Blackstone, which first appeared in They do not like to risk their opinion, and they want to be carried away by the crowd, and dragged along by the multitude.

Friendship was the only feeling she knew, and her first experience of it was through a youthful and charming maiden, who pleased her so much that she only thought how to continue it, never imagining that any other in- clination could ever abate that feeling of esteem and confidence in which she now exulted.

To how many girls has a great beauty been of no other use but to make them expect a large fortune! It is not surprising that, considering contemporary panic about poisoning, the bitter personal enmities that nruyere had excited, and the peculiar circumstances of his death, suspicions of foul play should have been entertained, but there was caracyerele no foundation for them.


Fanciful authors often touch up their works. Men are not seldom inclined to fall in love, but cannot succeed in their desire ; they seek every oppor- -tunity of being conquered, but fail to meet bruyerw, and, if I may say so, are compelled to remain at liberty. When, caaracterele, any thoughts or reflections have slipped into a book which are neither so spirited, well written, nor vivid as others, though they seem to have been inserted for the sake of variety, as a relaxation to the mind, or to draw its attention to what is bruyer follow, the reader should reject and the author delete them, unless they are attrac- tive, familiar, instructive, and adapted to the capacity of ordinary people, whom we must by no means neglect.

Is truth not depicted there as vividly as in comedy? No more will be printed. Contact Despre noi Cum cumpar? Marot and Rabelais 2 are inexcusable for scat- tering so much filth in their writings: Paul says i Cor. Roscius treads the stage with admirable grace: He saw her afterwards alone, and conversed long enough and intelligently ; but as he did not look at her much, and talked caracgerele less about her and her beauty, she was surprised and somewhat indignant that such a nice-looking and clever young man should be so void of gallantry.

Jean de La Bruyère – Wikipedia

There are few wives so perfect as not to give their husbands at least once a day good reason to repent of ever having married, or at least of envying those who are unmarried. Women are at little trouble to express what they do not feel ; but men are still at less to express what they do feel. The treatise of Theophrastus may have furnished the concept, but it gave little more. It seemed that Heaven reserved severer trials for her ; yet these had no other effect but to render her more vain and to enhance her reputation as a maiden superior to love.

Any meal taken between the dinner and supper hours, or any festive repast, was called in Louis XI V. Short-sighted men, I mean those whose minds are limited and never extend beyond their own little sphere, cannot understand that universality of talent one sometimes observes in the same person.

If a woman should tell her father-confessor, among her other weaknesses, those which she has for her director, and the times she wastes in his company, perhaps she might be enjoined as a penance to leave him. When a woman no longer loves a man, she for- gets the very favours she has granted him. If it be true that in showing pity and compassion we think of ourselves, because we fear to be one day or another in the same circumstances as those unfortunate people for whom we feel, why are the latter so sparingly relieved by us in their wretchedness?

Carti la bruyere

Well, you can have Draco, the flute-player ; none of all his profession swells his cheeks with so much decency as he does whilst playing on the hautboy or the flageolet ; for he can play on a great number of instruments ; and he is so comical that 1 The “lady ” is said to have been Madame de la Ferriere, the wife of a 7nattre des requites, and Dorinna a certain Mdlle.


Please help improve this article if you can. A fool may sometimes admire him, but then he is only a fool ; an intelligent man has within him the germs of all truth and of all sentiments ; nothing is new to him ; he admires few things, but he finds that many things deserve some praise. Not but that a man is sometimes to be forgiven who, on account of his splendid retinue, his rich clothes, and his magnificent carriage, thinks himself of more noble descent and more intelligent than he really is ; for he sees this opinion expressed on the countenances and in the eyes of those who speak to him.

In Shaftesbury’s ” Sensus Communis, an Essay on the Freedom of Wit and Humour,” part i, section 3, his remarks about true raillery ; and the opening of the second part, section i: The first tiff in love, as the first fault in friend- ship, is the only one of which we are able to make good use. His first plays 1 are uninteresting and heavy, and did not lead us to expect that he would after- wards soar to such a height, just as his last plays make us wonder at his fall from such a pinnacle.

Formerly, when I was quite young, I imagined those passages were clear and intelligible to the actors, the pit, and the galleries ; that the authors themselves understood them, and that I must have been very dull not to understand what it was all about.

Jean de La Bruyère

There is in the first more of what we admire and what we ought even to imitate ; and in the second more of what we perceive in others or feel within ourselves. Adrien Baillet, an erudite scholar and fertile author, is also mentioned by some ” Keys.

Men are too engrossed by themselves to have the leisure of penetrating or dis- cerning character, so that a person of great merit and of greater modesty may languish a long time in obscurity. Often they have nothing in common, neither bed, board, nor even the same name ; they live in the Greek or Roman fashion ; she keeps her name, and he bruyeee his ; and it is only after some time, and when a man has been initiated in the tittle-tattle of the town, catacterele at last he comes to know that Mr.

If we aim at being profound in certain writings, if we affect a polite turn, and sometimes too much delicacy, it is merely because we have a good opinion of our readers. If the ladies wrote always correctly, I might affirm caractetele per- haps the letters of some of them would be among the best in our language, i This article includes a csracterele of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.

What avails it to any reader to understand easily and without any difficulty some frivolous and puerile subject, not seldom dull and common, when he is less in doubt about the meaning of the author than cadacterele with his work?

A newsmonger lies down at night quietly, after having received some information, but it is spoiled overnight, and he is obliged to throw it away when he wakes in the morning.

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