Title, La maldición de Eva Volume of Bardo (Batlló, José, ). Author, Margaret Atwood. Publisher, Editorial Lumen, ISBN, X. Estos breves ensayos hablan de literatura, pero consiguen atar el oficio de escribir al oficio de vivir. Buy La maldición de Eva 1ª ed., 1ª imp. by Margaret Atwood, Montserrat Roca Comet (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices .

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Curious Pursuits by Margaret Atwood. So in some ways this book is simply the result of an under-developed ability to say no.

Ranging from naldicin reviews of John Updike and Toni Morrison to an appreciation of Dashiell Hammet; an account of a journey in Afghanistan that sowed the seeds of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’; passionate ecological writings; funny stories of ‘my most embarrassing moments’; obituaries of some of her great friends and fellow writers: This is an insightful, thoughtful and revealing record of the life and times and maldicij of Margaret Atwood from to the present.

Hardcoverpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Curious Pursuitsplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Feb 21, Lyn Elliott rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s a sad commentary on our age that we find Dystopias a lot easier to believe in than Utopias: Utopias we can only imagine, Dystopias we’ve already had p89 On finishing: I have immensely enjoyed this collection of short pieces, which I’ve now read from cover to cover and will dip back into from time to time.

Her thoughts on ‘the novel’, utopias maldicij dystopias, value-free writing no such thing and the places of women, for instance, all jump-started my own thinking to make new connections atwood Her thoughts on ‘the novel’, utopias and dystopias, value-free writing no such thing and the places of women, for instance, all jump-started df own thinking to make new connections and crystallise out half formed thoughts.

I didn’t study English Literature at university and have largely avoided the world of lit crit, so while much of what she writes about may be no news for some readers, I appreciate her succinct observations in fiction.

This fictional world so loveingly deleted by he write may bear a more obvious or a less obvious relation to the world we actually live in, but bearing no relation to it at all is not an option.

We have to write out of who and where and when we are, whether we like it or not, and disguise it how we may’. Because I think more as a historian and a social scientist, this sort of idea is completely familiar in regard to, say, writing history or political analysis, but I hadn’t previously put it into the context of fiction. Now, it’s blindingly obvious. Atwood is an acute observer of people and society, individuals and their cultural context.

Often she is at her deadliest when funniest, and she margqret very often very funny. Her acerbic wit is always on target, even when the target is herself usually her younger self.

It was a great read, and is a collection I will keep. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Curious Pursuits is a collection of essays and reviews Atwood has written since It is an odd mix of texts that were interesting to various degrees, but that, put together, malsicin a view onto how Atwood has developed as a writer, reader and person over the last few decades.

La maldicion de Eva / Curious Pursuits

Atwood chooses to only review books she likeswhich means that there is a lot of praise for other writers in here. While it gives an insight into what kind of literature she is into George Orwell, Carol Shields, Virgin Curious Pursuits is a collection of essays and reviews Atwood has written since Montgomery amongst othersthe reviews about books that I haven’t read yet personally felt rather ds than engaging.

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It is most interesting when it gets personal. Those essays that actually delve into Atwood as a writer were the ones that I enjoyed most – Writing Utopia for example partly addresses her writing process of The Handmaid’s Tale and included thought-provoking ideas about the nature of dystopias – how dystopias are easier to maldocin due to us having experienced nightmares already, while an extreme utopia is only gonna turn into Atwood is full of compassion. This book clearly proves what an observant and sophisticated woman she is, yet I personally feel like I am not familiar enough with her other literary work to say that I have been able to gain a lot from this.

For people with an interest in the person Margaret Atwood this will probably be of more value. Maldicib 04, Siria rated it really liked it Shelves: Curious Pursuits is a collection of some of Atwood’s shorter non-fiction writing, including some forty seven separate pieces — reviews, speeches, essays and obituaries — which were written between and Some of the pieces were about books which I had already read, while others concerned people I had never heard of before, but I found all of them interesting, some of them compassionate, and some of them outright hilarious.

I would love to have been a fly on the wall when she first gave it, just to see how many people in the audience squirmed and looked uncomfortable. If you’re a fan of her work at all, this is well worth dipping in to. Lo he devorado en menos de una hora.

Jun 22, Bindu Manoj rated kaldicin really liked it.

But either the book is really bad, in which case no one should review it, or it’s good but not my cup of tea, in which case someone else should review it. Another excerpt from the introduction to the book by the author herself, and I was hooked, “Why is this book calle “I don’t review books I don’t like, although to do so would doubtless be amusing for the Ms Hyde side of me and entertaining for the more malicious class of reader.

Another excerpt from the introduction to the book by the author herself, and I was hooked, “Why is this book called Curious Pursuits? Covering a wide time span of almost 35 years from tothe book also gives us a glimpse of a ‘woman’ writer’s life during the period. Even though she doesn’t seem to like being a called a feminist, the female perspective is evident throughout and how!

Some of her observations reminds us that nothing much has changed through the years. She had magic bullet-deflecting bracelets, a transparent airplane, a magic lasso and super skills and powers. There was only one catch – she had a boyfriend. But, if he kissed her, her superhuman strength disappeared like Samson’s after a clean shave. Wonder Woman could never get married and still remain Wonder Woman.

If at all there is a connecting thread in at least a few posts, it is about Canadian literature and writers. One chapter that I particularly liked was ‘Introduction: Introduction to The Best American Short Stories’ where she had to select twenty short stories from a collection of hundred and twenty published stories, without knowing who the authors were and the joy of not having “to pay attention to who ought to be in because of his or her general worthiness or critical hosannas.

La maldición de Eva by Margaret Atwood

Another captivating chapter is ‘George Orwell: My favorite though, is what she calls ‘The Indelible Woman’ – her thoughts on Virginia’s Woolf’s ‘To The Lighthouse,’ that she first read at nineteen and then again forty years later. You nod your head in agreement when she says, “Some books have to wait until you’re ready for them. Her writing style seems so easy flowing that it can come only with experience. The sharp wit and tongue atwokd cheek humor is something that has to be read to be truly relished.


Spell bound, I went and got myself a copy of her ‘Lady Oracle, ‘the back cover blurb sounds quite sensational, “Joan Foster is the bored wife of a myopic ban-the bomber.

She takes off overnight as Canada’s new superpoet, pens lurid gothics on the sly, attracts a blackmailing reporter, skids cheerfully in and out of menacing plots, hair-raising traps, and passionate trysts, and lands dead and well in Terremoto,Italy. Verdict – A definite one on the list for the girls out there, not to be gulped all at once, it is a ‘sip, swirl and savor in leisure’ one.


Get your very own copy, keep it by your bedside and on those occasions when life seems to be too much because of ‘whoever – knows -who,’ re read the chapter ‘Writing the Male Character’. This is also for our equal halves who have a definite sense of humor and do not mind listening to some views and reviews from a tribe member lla ours. Eine Vereinbarkeit von Karriere und Familie war eine Generation zuvor nicht vorgesehen. Die erste Epoche umfasst die Jahre von bisin denen u.

Mit Alias Grace legte sie einen historischen Roman vor, der konsequent vorliegende Quellen einarbeitet, und vollzieht damit die Zuwendung der kanadischen Literatur zur eigenen kanadischen Geschichte mit.

Wer Romane von Margaret Atwood kennt, findet hier eine Fundgrube biografischer und literarischer Details, kann seine Neugier zur Entstehungsgeschichte einzelner Titel stillen, aber auch verfolgen, wie Atwood selbst Literatur lehrte. The Malevolent North in Canadian Literature. Lo primero mwrgaret leo de Margaret Atwood y me ha encantado. Atwood es sincera sobre sus ideas y sus dudas. Nov 22, Elizabeth Fitzgerald rated it liked it Shelves: Curious Pursuits is a collection of reviews, forewords and essays by Margaret Atwood.

The pieces, written between andhave been collected into a single volume and seem to have no connecting link between them other than their author. In the acknowledgements section, Atwood describes ov Curious Pursuits is a collection of reviews, forewords and essays by Margaret Atwood. In the acknowledgements section, Atwood describes overhearing four Irish women discussing her books and complaining that they were becoming too long.

She points to the short length of some of the pieces in the book as a peace offering. The book itself, however, is rather chunky. This left it in a weird space for me. It was too maldcin to take travelling with me, but the stories were too short to engage me for an extended reading session at home.

I found myself putting this book down a lot and wandering off to do other things. And yet I read the book all the way through. Part of this is probably due to my own stubborness–I’m always very reluctant to put a book down once I’ve started.


Curious Pursuits: Occasional Writing 1970-2005

But the book held interest for me as a writer. A writer, it seems, will write and write a profusion of different things. It was interesting to me to see all the different forms Atwood’s writing has taken apart from her novels and made me feel better that I am not the only one with diverse writing interests. Maldcin comments about writing had potential for further rumination on my part.

Stwood found her book reviews interesting on a couple of levels–discovering both what she had been reading, what her thoughts on it were and the improvement over the years in how she wrote the reviews.

I found ee essay on The Island of Doctor Moreau particularly interesting and a stronger note to finish the book on. However, I don’t think it revealed all that much about Atwood as a person, though there was some personal detail, and overall I was left wondering what the point of the book was.

Nov 21, Laura rated it liked it Recommended to Laura by:

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