Missing from the Gutenberg frontpage is the original title: La Rabouilleuse Plot summary from wiki: The action of the novel is divided between Paris and. Buy The Black Sheep: (La Rabouilleuse) (Classics) New Ed by Honoré de Balzac, Donald Adamson (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Balzac’s La Rabouilleuse () exploits an innovative plot structure to insist on the changes taking place in France, especially the way the middle class was.

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chateau d’Amboise – Picture of La Rabouilleuse-Ecole de Loire, Rochecorbon

Formerly an aide-de-camp to Napoleon but now without prospects, Phillippe Bridau and his younger brother Joseph, a shiftless artist, become entangled in a struggle to recover the family inheritance in a world where “to be without money is to be without power.

Paperbackpages. Published May 27th by Penguin Classics first published Dabouilleuse see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Black Sheepplease sign up. I really want to try Balzac. Which rrabouilleuse should I begin reading first? Garance Father Goriot is a good one as well: See 2 questions about Rabkuilleuse Black Sheep….

Lists with This Book. Aug 19, Steven Godin rated it liked it Shelves: The novel begins in with a long and rather dull preamble givinge history to the Rouget family, and as it happens this is vital to understanding the last part of the tale. Agathe Rouget is the daughter of a rather nasty doctor, that seems to be putting it mildly, and Balzac laces the tale of Doctor Rouget and his unfortunate wife al innuendos.

So when an opportunity arises to get rid of Agathe, the vindictive Rouget carts off his young daughter to Paris and the home of her maternal uncle, a grocer named Desgoings.

La Rabouilleuse : Honore de Balzac :

The Bridaus have two boys Philippe and Joseph. Through the passing years, Bridau a hard-working civil servant, seems to be working himself into a early grave serving under Napoleon. Bridau leaves his widow and two sons in modest circumstances but with a pension to keep them in simple, but genteel style.

At this point in the story, the rabouulleuse Desgoings makes the practical decision to move in with Agathe, her niece by marriage, so that they can pool their resources. Despite the fact that Agathe has been effectively disinherited from her family, life should not be too unpleasant for Madame Bridau and her two sons, but human vices get in the way. Madame Desgoings turns out to have a gambling problem, and then the Bridau boys grow up….

All these family happenings are compressed into the early pages, the rest of the story is devoted to the Bridau brothers, Philippe and Joseph. In the meantime, Joseph, the less favoured but good son, becomes an artist. Going by The Black sheep I am sure there are better Balzac novels, there are some pretty rabouil,euse individuals here that I couldn’t wait to see the back of!

While he is spot on target when it comes to the predictability of human nature, he shows a lack of respect for the reader rabouilleuss places after being distracted by endless details that kept recurring without adding anything that wasn’t already there. I will read more Balzac, hopefully something where I don’t spend half the time despising those within. View all 5 comments. Katharine Prescott Wormeley Missing from the Gutenberg frontpage is the original title: La Rabouilleuse Plot summary from wiki: The action of the novel is divided between Paris and Issoudun.


Agathe Rouget, who was born in Issoudun, is sent to be raised by her maternal relatives, the Descoings in Paris by her father Doctor Rouget.

She suspects wrongly that he is not her true father. There she marries a man named Bridau, and they have two sons, Philippe, and Joseph. Monsieur Bridau dies relatively young, Philippe, who is the eldest and his mother’s al, becomes a rabouipleuse in Napoleon’s armies, and Joseph becomes an artist. Philippe, lz elder son is shown to tabouilleuse a courageous soldier, but is also a heavy drinker and gambler.

He resigns from the army after the Bourbon Restoration out of loyalty to Napoleon. Joseph is a rabouilleyse artist, and the more loyal son, but his mother does not understand his artistic vocation.

The Black Sheep by Honoré de Balzac

In the townspeople of Issoudun enjoyed the services of a physician named Rouget, whom they held to be a man of consummate malignity. Were we to believe certain bold tongues, he made his wife extremely unhappy, although she was the most beautiful woman of the neighborhood. Perhaps, indeed, she was rather silly. But the prying of friends, the slander of enemies, and the gossip of acquaintances, had never succeeded in laying bare the interior of that household.

Doctor Rouget was a man of whom we say in common parlance, “He is not pleasant to deal with. His wife, a demoiselle Descoings, feeble in health during her girlhood which was said to be a reason why the doctor married hergave birth to a son, and also to a daughter who arrived, unexpectedly, ten years after her brother, and whose birth took the husband, doctor though he were, by surprise.

This late-comer was named Agathe. Inclement weather and the soothing sound of both washer and drier in action meant I hunkered down under the settee quilt with my ipad to finish off this tale. Another great character observation by the rough diamond pen of Balzac.

Checking up on the title was something raboulileuse an eye-opener: Max takes offence when some of his friends al it in conversation. Adamson translates the rabouilleusse as “the Fisherwoman”. From the French Wiki of this page, it appears that it is a regional word for someone who stirs up the water in a river, more easily to catch fish such as crayfish.

The Black Sheep

The nickname is a reference to the job that she did as a young girl when helping her uncle to fish for crayfish, before becoming a servant to the Rouget household. The Rabouilleus title of the book therefore moves the focus from her to the two brothers. View all 3 comments.

Dec 26, Laura rated it liked it Shelves: Chris Dolan’s dramatisation of Honore de Balzac’s entertaining tale of family rivalry and fortunes lost and won, set in 19th-century France. After Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, Philippe Bridau becomes a reckless gambler who steals from his mother to finance his obsession.

She foolishly continues to idolise him, and it is left to his more dependable brother Joseph to rescue the family from destitution. Geoffrey Whitehead Philippe Bridau Thomas Arnold Joseph Bridau Mathew Pidgeon Agathe Bridau Briony McRoberts Madame Descoings Jon Glover Monsieur Hochon Christian Rodska Madame Hochon Colette O’Neil Max Gilet Liz Sutherland Directed by Bruce Young.


View all 10 comments. May 07, Cheryl rated it really ,a it. Justice is served, in the end. What a great book! View all 9 comments.

The two main characters are men — unscrupulous men who use any and all devious means to take over the fortune of, in one case, his uncle, and, in the other, the husband of his mistress. The action is split between Paris, and a small raboiilleuse called Issoudun. This technique always reminds me of Raymond Carver and his streets of L. I suspect that Balzac came first, however. Although the telling of the story is melodramatic, it is still engaging, and reveals another type of man for Balzac to explore.

Trying to give a synopsis of the plot would be almost impossible, but I can urge you to read it. Philippe Bridau turns out to be nearly as diabolic as Vautrin.

I’d guess this excellent example of lw makes Balzac so addicting is overlooked even by Balzac enthusiasts.

It deserves to rank beside some of his best work, such as ‘The Vicar of Tours,’ ‘Colonel Chabert,’ and ‘Les Employees,’ masterpieces that are only a hair’s breadth beneath his absolute best ‘Eugenie Grandet’ and ‘Lost Illusions.

Balzac Yahoo reading group. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. This is one of Balzac’s longer stories, carefully plotted to achieve a satisfying resolution. It’s the tale of two brothers utterly unlike each other, and how The Fates reward good and evil. It is didactic to some extent, but also entertaining, particularly towards the end when it becomes a bit of a page-turner Joseph, the younger brother, is an unattractive man blessed with the dubious talent of being a great painter. Although he gets commissions from the rich and powerful and will earn hims This is one of Balzac’s longer stories, carefully plotted to achieve a satisfying resolution.

Although he gets commissions from the rich and powerful and will earn himself a place in art history the bourgeois don’t like his work and this consigns him to an uncertain income for most of his life and poverty during the early stages of his career.

His father, a civil servant, died of overwork under Napoleon and his widowed mother Agathe has no money thanks to the craftiness of her brother, Jean-Jacques Rouget who lives on the family estate in Issoudun. Philippe, on the other hand is handsome, stylish and heroic. He joins the military and impresses Napoleon. He is dissolute and wasteful and forever scrounging money from his mother and brother to pay his gambling debts, a position which gets worse when he stays loyal to Napoleon and refuses to serve the Bourbons who reduce his pay.

One thing leads to another and Philippe ends up in serious trouble because he is suspected of being involved in plots but he remains the apple of his mother’s eye.

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