: La Soga/ the Rope (Novelas/cuentos/poesias/inclasificables Del Eclipse) (Spanish Edition) (): Esteban Valentino, Rosario. : La Soga/ the Rope (Novelas/cuentos/poesias/inclasificables Del Eclipse) (Spanish Edition) () by Esteban Valentino and a great. Results 1 – 30 of 80 Hombre Que Creia En La Luna, El: Valentino, Esteban La Soga/the Rope ( Novelas/cuentos/poesias/inclasificables Del Eclipse).

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July 26, All suns lie Todos los soles mienten by Esteban Valentino. The sun goes out, and Earth is dying. There isn’t future for humanity.

Rats earned the streets, young people are responsible for exterminating them. Maybe I just left them the hope of preserving his message to the distant future and different. A science fiction novel that transcends the paradigm of the devastation of the planet to delve into feelings such as loneliness, friendship, death and love. valentin

La Soga/ the Rope

Valentino realized something that other authors who are in the business of children’s literature in Spanish doesn’t seem to notice or simply don’t care. Valentino valemtino that his readers are, besides those little or not so little things that fill the coffers of the publisher and authors, people with similar interests, problems, wishes and desires so common in the rest of humanity to might think that teenagers are part of it.

Having this knowledge will serve, among other things, to build strong stories themselves without recourse to mythologies of others, such as those created by Bram Stoker or Anne Rice, but simply dedicated to sofa from scratch.

One world, one story, characters, with enough complexity to be very credible, and not only that, but these same characters, out of the book, could pass for real people. How many authors of books and endless series understand these details about your readers?

La Soga/ the Rope : Esteban Valentino :

While the story of All suns lie resorts to certain topics classic science fiction the end of the world, a select, plagues and strange socioeconomic statusthese resources aren’t better, but are part of the landscape. The main thing in the story are the characters, young of courseand their activities in a world that is approaching it’s limit.


From a triggering question, what would you do if it were the last generation born in the land? Of course, while the plot unfolds involving the children, the main characters, takes place another story, another interpretation of the facts, which will eventually converge, as in any good mystery novel, in a final of such unexpected calls into question whether this is really a book for children-young-teens or not. An ending worthy of the best movies, and not say much more because the interesting thing is that a book doesn’t tell you about it, but read it yourself.

On the other hand, to be read by parents, the story of Valentino, awaken resentment own ignorance, to address issues such as death or sex yes, young people also have sexand will put aside other issues that are present in the text, such as friendship beyond all circumstances lie incorporated into everyday behavior and disinterest of adults for generations to come, by looking only at the anecdotal and not based on what the decision to attend to certain aspects speech and not all of it.

For this reason, we can assume that no adult will have taken the trouble to see what their children are reading for compulsory schooling and for pleasure, but, carried away by the picture on the cover, say nothing, continue with their routines without worrying about anything but their own problems.

One can see a way of separating the texts somewhat rare, so rare as it is divided into:. This describes the dreams of youth, narrated by themselves, but anonymously, without knowing who wrote what. Here we read about the feelings of men or women, but also from an anonymous.


Esteban Valentino born December 11, in Castelar is an Argentine writer and teacher specializing in children’s literature. His arrival was children’s literature through poetry. At the request of her friend Silvia Schujer renowned author of vxlentino for children and young people wrote a poem for children whose theme was “The Flag”. As the result, then asked Schujer a story about “transportation”.

Then I wrote “If I did my flag,” which enjoyed considerable success. Then Silvia called me again and said “now I want to write a story.

That is more interesting. I wrote a story about a crippled boy leading to his school friend and puts a sign that reads: And that was very successful. They even published the Ministry, went everywhere.

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Following these two events the publisher called me and asked me Kapelusz a novel. That was another of my dreams, a publisher called me to ask me a book. The novel was The man who believed in the moon and was not liked by Kapelusz.

Valentino presented later in the publishing Books Quirquincho which was well received by Graciela Montes and published. It is narrated in a very deep, yet easy to understand, perfect for any age recommended for the whole family.

It would call it a novel, since it is not separated into chapters, but a narrative, or story. Actually very good, especially for anyone who enjoys science fiction in the style Bradbury Fahrenheitor a drama style Maritano Alma Cowboys and braids, sog visitor, Crossing the street, etc. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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