Check Default Services are running, # ldm list-services primary. Check ldm software, # ldm -V. check ldoms manager package in Solaris 11, # pkg info. Below are some basic troubleshooting tips to resolve common LDOM related issues. fmd_config/fmd_to_ldmd_running_timeout integer 10 filesystem dependency framework general/action_authorization astring How to install Oracle VM server for SPARC (formerly know as ldoms) and configure it. primary# mkfile 10g /ldoms/ldom01_boot primary# ldm add-vdsdev /ldoms/ldom01_boot Setting up the solaris ISO image for installing guest ldom.

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LDOM also allows you to configure zones under that. Download the LDOM packages from the oracle support website.

Creating Logical Domains (LDoms) on Solaris 11 – TechSupport

Once you have downloaded the packages ,just copy the packages to the Solaris host which you have already installed on T- series server. Create a new virtual disk service. This service is responsible to provide the virtual disks to guest domains. Create a new virtual switch. Creating the spconfig is must after making any changes on the service.

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Otherwise you will loose the changes after the system power cycle. You need to login to Solaris host where you have installed the ldom software lxoms configure the control domain.

List the logical domain devices using ldm list-device -a command. You can see all the resource has been allocated to the primary domain. Set the resource control for the control domain aka primary domain. These are all in-memory configuration.

You have to save the configuration after every un settings that you made. In the above command output, solariis can see that currents settings are saved in unixarena and these settings will come up after the system reboot and power cycle.

Here we just increased the number vpcus to The previous number of vpcu was 8. Which mean you will lose the CPU setting you just done. In an order to save the configuration, just re-create the sp-config like below.

In this article we have seen the basic concepts of Oracle VM for SPARC LDOMpackages installation, the configuration of the solariss domain, configuring the control domain or primary domain and saving the sp-configuration.

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LDOM Oracle VM for SPARC – Tutorial 1

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