LMC 16 V CMOS dual rail-to-rail input and output, operational amplifiers. LMC Datasheet. DS – Rev 2 – September The LMC’s rail-to-rail output swing is ensured for loads down to Ω. See the LMC data sheet for a Quad CMOS operational amplifier with these. LMC is also available in MSOP package which is al- most half the size of a SO-8 device. See the LMC data sheet for a Quad CMOS operational.

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The LMC provides a common-mode range that extends. Typical unless otherwise noted. This rail-to-rail performance combined. It is ideal for systems, such as data acquisition, that require.

The LMC is also an excellent. Maximum dynamic signal range is assured in low voltage. The LMC’s rail-to-rail output swing is guar.

Guaranteed low voltage characteristics and low power dis. Absolute Maximum Ratings Note 1. Junction Temperature Note 4. Distributors for availability and specifications. ESD Tolerance Note 2. Current at Input Pin Note Current at Output Pin. M Package, 8-Pin Surface Mount. Current at Power Supply Pin. Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limts beyond which damage to the device may occur.

Operating Ratings indicate conditions for which the device is. For guaranteed specifications and the test conditions, see the Electrical Characteristics. Human body model, 1. All pins rated per method This is a Class 1 device rating.

CMOS Dual Rail-to-Rail Input And Output Operational Amplifier

Applies to both single-supply and split-supply operation. Continuous short circuit operation at elevated ambient temperature can result in exceeding the. Output currents in excess of? All numbers apply for packages soldered directly into a PC board. Typical Values represent the most likely parametric norm.


All limits are guaranteed by testing or statistical analysis. For Sourcing tests, 7. For Sinking tests, 3. Connected as Voltage Follower with 10V step input. Number specified is the slower of either the positive or negative slew rates.

Connected as voltage Follower with 2V step input. Limiting input pin current is only necessary for input voltages that exceed absolute maximum input voltage ratings. Guaranteed limits are dictated by tester limitations and not device performance. Actual performance is reflected in the typical value.

Output Voltage Swing vs. Gain and Phase vs. Complementary paralleled differential input stages, like the. The LMC’s input stage design is complemented by an.

Rail-to-rail output swing is obtained by. Exceeds the 3V Supply in Figure 3 Causing. Figure 1 shows an input voltage. Applications that exceed this rating must externally limit the. R I Input Current Protection for. Voltages Exceeding the Supply Voltages. The approximated output resistance of the LMC is. An Input Voltage Signal Exceeds the.

No Output Phase Inversion. The absolute maximum input voltage is mV beyond. The LMC can typically directly drive a pF load with. R1 and C1 are experimentally determined for the desired. The resulting pulse response can be seen in.

This results in either an under. Capacitive load compensation can be accomplished using. LMC Circuit in Figure 6. It is quite common to use large values of feedback resis. Large feedback resistors can react with small. Improved frequency response is achieved by indirectly driv. Canceling the Effect of Input Capacitance. The effect of input capacitance can be compensated for by.

The feedback capacitor as in.

LMC Datasheet(PDF) – National Semiconductor (TI)

Figure 8C fis first estimated by: Printed circuit board stray capacitance may be larger or. Compensated to Handle a pF Capacitive Load.

The values of C f should be. R1 and C1 serve to counteract the loss of phase margin by. Refer to the LMC quad. CMOS amplifier data sheet for a more detailed discussion.


LMC from Texas Instruments

It is generally recognized that any circuit which must oper. When one wishes to take. Fortunately, the techniques of obtaining low leakages.

First, the user must not ignore the surface. To minimize the effect of any surface leakage, lay out a ring. To have a significant effect, guard rings should be. However, if a guard ring is held within 5. See Figure 10 for. Typical Connections of Guard Rings. The designer should be aware that when it is inappropriate. Don’t insert the amplifier’s input pin into the.

Air is an excellent insulator. In this case you may. Example of Guard Ring in P. Input pins are lifted out of PC board and soldered directly to components.

All other pins connected to PC board. Offset voltage adjustment circuits are illustrated in Figure Large value resistances and potentiometers are. The key benefit of designing in the LMC is. Most op-amps have limited. Signals that exceed this range. Linear signal range is vital in applications such as filters. Low power, single supply data acquisition system solutions. Capable of using the full supply range, the. LMC does not require input signals to be scaled down.

Operating from the same. Supply Voltage, the LMC buffers the. ADC maintaining excellent accuracy. The LMC has the high input impedance, large. A small valued potentiometer is used in series with R g to set.

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