The Centre’s director Richard Garside spoke at an ESRC-funded seminar on ‘ Regulation and criminal justice’. He was responding to a paper by Professor. A selection of Louk Hulsman’s writings published in English · Read more about A selection of Louk Hulsman’s writings published in English. Louk Hulsman, Penal Abolitionism and Surprising Routes. Author(s). Salete Oliveira. Related publication: Penal Abolitionism: Papers from the Penal Law.

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The prison abolition movement is a loose network of groups llouk activists that seek to reduce or eliminate prisons and the prison system, and replace them with systems of rehabilitation that do not place a focus on punishment and government institutionalization. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Simply the best Whose terrorism?

Louk Hulsman | Revolvy

He also acted as the Netherland’s representative on the European Committee on Crime Problems of the Council of Europe in the s and was once again an important and outspoken influence at last year’s Cannabis Tribunal in The Hague. This video allows you to listen to Louk talk:.

My last post made reference to Louk Bulsman. Advocates of prison abolition Prominent social activist Angela Davis, outspoken cr His legacy as a pedagogue lies certainly within the tradition of critical pedagogy as Giroux argued: After returning to the Netherlands he joined the Allied troops as a soldier during the last weeks of the Second World War. You are commenting using your WordPress.


Louk Hulsman, Penal Abolitionism and Surprising Routes

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Newer Post Older Post Home. Louk fulfilled this task as a critical criminologist. Though I could appreciate his point of view, my experiences “on the street” have always convinced me that there is a vast difference between the theoretical solution to crime and the practical realities.

Loui January January 1 — The Grouping: Louk worked as a civil servant in Dutch defence and justice administrations during the s. Sadly, the factor that always seems to be missing from any grand equation for solution is – The Victim.

He embodied and lived the humanistic, open and eclectic core of abolitionist thought that takes care to be sensitive to the contextual, situational and personal interpretations of ‘lived experiences’ as they are defined by people. In the current context of ‘penal overkill’ that characterises so many societies, it is important to re-appreciate the anascopic ‘from the bottom up’ stance and associated practices that lie at the heart of Louk’s life-work.

Addressing the prevention of prison suicides and self-harm – At last, people are recognising that custody by itself fails to reduce offending behaviour. In he was appointed Professor of sociology of law at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo emeritus The good news is that someone has launched a new websit Drug Policy Harm Part Three: This site uses cookies. From to Hulsman studied jurisprudence at Leiden University. January 1—7 — Rosewood massacre: Crime and Justice Student Portal.

Thought of the Day – ” There was a proposition in a township there to discontinue public schools because they were too expensive. In the Netherlands, Louk is regarded as the founder of liberal drugs policy as his influential work and stance contributed significantly to the alteration of the Opium Act in Drug Policy Harm Part Four: This post is based on a paper I delivered at the University of Wales, Newport in As of the start ofthe Gregorian calendar was 13 days ahead of the Julian calendar, which was relegated that February to use only by churches after Greece adopted the Gregorian calendar.


John Moore University of the West of England.

In he became a professor for criminal law and criminology at the Netherlands School of Economics, the later Erasmus University Rotterdam emeritus Ironic for a Ben Gunn…. Member feedback about Prison abolition movement: Louk was born in Kerkrade in and, after attending boarding school and the St. New Alternative Bristol website launched check it out. In Memoriam This page is currently under construction.

Louk may refer to: He continued his important work with worldwide lectures, workshops and seminar engagements that stimulated critical reflections and further developed alternative ideas to the hegemonic belief systems that govern much of the fields of law, criminology, the media and often strongly impact on public opinion.

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