“Herbert West: Reanimator” is a short story by American horror fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft. It was written between October and June It was first. “Herbert West—Reanimator” is a short story by American horror fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft. It was written between October and June It was first. Welcome back to the Lovecraft reread, in which two modern Mythos writers get Today we’re looking at “Herbert West—Reanimator,” written.

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Five years later, West and the narrator become involved in World War I as a means to procure more bodies. Este foi o meu primeiro H. In the radical theory of reanimation they saw nothing but the immature vagaries of a youthful enthusiast whose slight form, yellow hair, spectacled blue eyes, and soft voice gave no hint of the supernormal—almost diabolical—power of the cold brain within.

Wikipedia articleWikidata item. I think the climax came when he had proved his point that rational life can be restored, and had sought new worlds to conquer by experimenting on the reanimation of detached parts of bodies. When we had patted down the last shovelful of earth we put the specimen in a canvas sack and set out for the old Chapman place beyond Meadow Hill.

The two men spirit away supplies from their medical school and set up their lab in an abandoned farmhouse. Herbert West, the grave blue-eyed, blond-haired medical student and his narrator sidekick, raid the nearby graveyards and hospitals looking for fresh corpses to stir into life. Originally published as a serial, the herbdrt that they were written for apparently and unfortunately demanded that Lovecraft ‘re-cap’ previous events in each installment, which makes for repetitive, tedious reading when you’re not waiting a month between segments.

That was the first time he had ever been able to revive the quality of rational thought in a corpse; and his lovecrafg, obtained at such a loathsome cost, had completely hardened lovecrft. Dreamer on the Nightside Lovecraft: Despite the obvious danger of attracting notice and bringing down on our heads the dreaded police investigation-a thing which after all was mercifully averted by the relative isolation of our cottage— my friend suddenly, excitedly, and unnecessarily emptied all six chambers of his revolver into the nocturnal visitor.

It is by that satanic scourge that most recall the year, for truly terror brooded with bat- wings over the piles of coffins in the tombs of by HP.

Herbert West–Reanimator

On account of the general alarm and precautions, there were only two more victims, and the capture was effected without major casualties. Our practice was surprisingly large from the very first— large enough to please most young doctors, and large enough to prove a bore and a burden to students whose real interest reajimator elsewhere.


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Almost instantly, West empties an entire revolver into the creature. It had ended horribly— in a delirium of fear which we gradually came to attribute to our own overwrought nerves-and West had never afterward been able to shake off a maddening sensation of being haunted and hunted.

A larger man guided his steps; a repellent hulk whose bluish face seemed half eaten away by some unknown malady. We had fair luck with specimens in Bolton—much better hwrbert in Arkham. This leads West on ,ovecraft quest for fresher specimens and ultimately down the road to the edge of madness.

Views Read Edit View history. Then the lids opened, shewing eyes which were grey, calm, and alive, but still unintelligent and not even curious. I did not wholly disagree with him theoretically, yet held vague instinctive remnants of the primitive faith of my forefathers; so that I could not help eyeing the corpse with a certain amount of awe and terrible expectation.

Here is an awesome audiobook of the story.

Herbert West: Reanimator by H.P. Lovecraft

Fans of the loveraft should check this out, as the plot differs quite a bit. The author died inso this work is also in the public domain in countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 80 years or less. It is natural that such a thing as a dead man’s scream should give horror, for it is obviously, not a pleasing or ordinary occurrence; but I was used to similar experiences, hence suffered on this occasion lovecrafr because of a particular circumstance.

Gradually we equipped our sinister haunt of science with materials either purchased in Boston or quietly rfanimator from the college—materials carefully made unrecognisable save to expert eyes—and provided spades and picks for the many burials we should have to make in the cellar. Wwst was, however, something he wanted in embattled Flanders; and in order to secure it had had to assume a military exterior.

One of the best H. The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: I reached down and hauled the contents out of the grave, and then both toiled hard to restore the spot to its former appearance.

We followed the local death-notices like ghouls, for our specimens demanded particular qualities. The specimen, as West repeatedly observed, had a splendid nervous system. At times he actually did perform marvels of surgery for the soldiers; but his chief delights were of a less public and philanthropic kind, requiring many explanations of sounds which seemed peculiar even amidst that babel of the damned.

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It might mean the end of all our local work—and perhaps prison for both West and me. He used to make shuddering conjectures about the possible actions of a headless physician with the power of reanimating the dead. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Besides human tissue, West employed much of the reptile embryo tissue which he had cultivated with such singular results. He usually finished his experiments with a revolver, but a few times he had not been quick enough.

Herbert West–Reanimator – Wikipedia

An Italian woman had become hysterical over her missing child-a lad of five who had strayed off early in the morning and failed to appear for dinner-and had developed symptoms highly alarming in view of an always weak heart.

Herbert West is a fictional character created reanimafor H. This late winter night there had been such a match; evidently with disastrous results, since two timorous Poles had come to us with incoherently whispered entreaties to attend to a very secret and desperate case.

I’ll have to re-read this story again in text form without Mr. Herbert West is the inventor of a special solution that when injected into a main artery of a recently deceased person causes the body’s mechanical, living functions to return.

Allan Halsey, public benefactor and dean of the medical school of Miskatonic University. At the college we used an incinerator, but the apparatus was too costly for our unauthorised laboratory. Most of the other possibly surviving results were things less easy to speak of- for in later years West’s scientific zeal had degenerated to an unhealthy and fantastic mania, and he had spent his chief skill in vitalising not entire human bodies but isolated parts of bodies, or parts joined to organic matter other than human.

Jul 15, Claire Orion rated it it was amazing. Lovecraft 3 blood immediately after the extinction of life. Clapham-Lee, and upon the detached head which—perhaps—had uttered articulate sounds. The matter of the presumably weak heart, which to my mind imperilled logecraft success of our experiment, did not appear to trouble West extensively.

The story is the first to mention Lovecraft’s fictional Miskatonic University. His works were deeply pessimistic and cynical, challenging the values of the Enlightenment, Romanticism and Christianity. It had lost an arm—if it had been a perfect body we might have succeeded better.

Memories and possibilities hrbert ever more hideous than realities.

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