Isis Unveiled: Secrets of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition, Madame Blavatsky’s First Work [H P Blavatsky, Michael Gomes] on *FREE* shipping on. Isis Unveiled has ratings and 36 reviews. The said: Blavatsky dear occultist, was a genius and the fact that she wrote so brilliantly in Engl. Isis Unveiled is a master key to the mysteries of ancient and modern science and theology. With the help of this book you will be able to make sense of how so.

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The founding of the T.

Students will unveiped how, after she had met Col. About a year after the founding of the T. It is very difficult to describe to anyone who has not read this book what a vast amount and diversity of knowledge is contained in it. It goes far beyond what even the most erudite scholar could possibly have known about in its entirety.

It is important to note this because isiis raises the unveileed of its authorship. Could it possibly have been H. She had had no formal education and she was not fluent in English, especially the written word. The answer is in statements made in Old Diary Isie by H. Olcott, her collaborator in founding the Society, and in some of H.

Her manuscript demonstrates a number of variations in style and in her handwriting. Olcott has this to say:. While the handwriting bore one peculiar character throughout, so that one familiar with her writing would always be able to detect any given page as H. One of these H. There was also the greatest possible difference in the English of these various styles.

Sometimes I would have to make several corrections in each line, while at others I could pass many pages with scarcely a fault of idiom or spelling to correct. Most perfect of all were the manuscripts which were written for her while she was sleeping. The beginning blavatsku the chapter on the civilisation of ancient Egypt is an illustration. Uveiled had stopped at about 2 a. The next morning when I came to breakfast she showed me a pile of at least thirty or forty pages of beautifully written H.

Isis Unveiled: Vol. I & II by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

It was perfect in every respect, and went to the unveilef without revision. The following references to the Masters who took over H. Then there was another Somebody who disliked English so much that he never willingly talked with me in unveile but French; he had a fine artistic talent and a passionate fondness for mechanical invention.

Another would now and then sit there, scrawling something with a pencil and reeling off for me dozens of poetical stanzas which embodied, now sublime, now humorous, ideas.

So each of the several Somebodies had his peculiarities, as recognizable as those of any of our ordinary acquaintances or friends. One was jovial, fond of good stories, and witty to a degree; another, all dignity, reserve and erudition.

One would be calm, patient and benevolently helpful; another testy and sometimes exasperating. One Somebody would always be willing to emphasize his philosophical or blxvatsky explanation of the subjects I was to unveled upon, by doing phenomena for my edification; while to another Somebody I dared not even mention them. He would by preference write about the class of subjects that were to his taste; and instead of H. If you had given me in those days any page of Isis manuscript, I could almost certainly have told you by which Somebody it had been written.

As has often been noted before, some 1, other works from remotest antiquity through mediaeval times madsme the modern, are quoted from. It would be fairly safe to say that there is no other work in the English language to compare with it.

It is however, as the manner of its writing would suggest, a series of a large number of articles with no connective progressive narrative, for which reason it has received adverse literary criticism. It is obviously intended to be informative and not a story with a beginning and an end.

We worked in collaboration with at least one disincarnate entity — the pure soul of one of the wisest philosophers of modern times…. He was a great Platonist; and I was told that, so absorbed was he in his life-study that he had become earth-bound, i. There he was, willing and eager to work with H. He did not materialize and sit with us, nor obsess H.


One evening in New York, after bidding H. Suddenly there stood my Chohan beside me. The door had made no noise in opening, if it had opened, but at any rate there he was.

Isis Unveiled: Vol. I & II

He sat down and conversed with me in subdued tones for some time, and as he seemed in an excellent humour towards me, I asked him a favour. I said I wanted some tangible proof that he had actually been there, and that I had not been seeing a mere illusion or maya conjured up by H.

He laughed, unwound the embroidered Indian cotton fehta [That fehta is still to be seen at the T. Headquarters at Adyar] he wore on his head, flung it to me, and — was gone. That cloth I still possess, and it bears in one corner the initial … M of my Chohan in thread-work.

Olcott blavatskg that H. I have spoken of the part of Isis that was done by H. This is perfectly comprehensible, for how could H. In her seemingly normal state, she would read a book, mark the portions that struck her, write about them, make mistakes, correct them, discuss them with me, set me to writing, help my intuitions, get friends to supply materials, and go on thus as best she might, unveioed long as there were none of the teachers within call of her psychic appeals.

And they were not with us always, by any means.

The Extraordinary Story behind Isis Unveiled

She did a vast deal of splendid writing, for she was endowed with a marvellous natural literary capacity; she was never dull or uninteresting; and she was equally brilliant in three languages, when the full power was upon her. About this I cannot venture an opinion, for I never observed her in this state….

Speaking for herself, concerning another form of assistance that H. When I wrote IsisI wrote it so easily that it was actually no labour, but a real pleasure. Why should I be praised for it? Whenever I am told to write, I sit down and obey, and then I can write easily upon almost anything — metaphysics, psychology, philosophy, ancient religions, zoology, natural sciences, or what not.

I never put myself the question: Because somebody who knows all dictates to me…. My Master and occasionally others whom I knew in my travels years ago…. Please do not imagine that I have lost my senses. I have hinted to you before now about Them … and I tell you candidly, that whenever I write upon a subject I know little or nothing of, I address myself to Themand one of Them inspires me, i. It is that knowledge of His protection and faith in His power, that have enabled me to become mentally and spiritually so strong … and even He the Master is not always required; for, during His absence on some other occupation, He awakens in me His substitute in knowledge….

In another letter … whether you believe me or not, something miraculous is happening to me. You cannot imagine in what a charmed world of pictures and visions I live. I am writing Isisnot writing, rather copying out and drawing what she personally shows to me.

Upon my word, sometimes it seems to me that the ancient Goddess of Beauty in person leads me through all the countries of past centuries which I have to describe. I sit with my eyes open, and to all appearances see and hear everything real and actual around me, and yet at the same time I see and hear that which I write.

I feel short of breath; I am afraid to make the slightest movement, for fear the spell might be broken. Slowly, century after century, image after image, float out of the distance and pass before me, as if in magic panorama; and meanwhile I put them together in my mind, fitting in epochs and dates, and know for sure that there can be no mistake. Races and nations, countries and cities, which have for long disappeared in the darkness of the prehistoric past, emerge and then vanish, giving place to others, and then I am told the consecutive dates.

Hoary antiquity makes way for historical periods; myths are explained to me with events and people who have really existed; and every event which is at all remarkable, every newly turned page of this many-coloured book of life, impresses itself on my brain with photographic exactitude. I gather them together and try to match them one after the other, assuredly it is not I who do it all, but my ego, the highest principle which lives in me.


And even this with the help of my Guru and Teacher who helps me in everything. If I happen to forget something, I have just to address him, or another of the same kind in my thought, and what I have forgotten rises once more before my eyes — sometimes whole tables of numbers passing before me, long inventories of events.

Without Them, from whence could I gather my knowledge? A passage which tells us more about the extraordinary personality of H. In talking to him about the great men and women of the nineteenth century whom he had met intimately, I asked him whom, of them all, he considered the most striking and remarkable.

He at once replied, by all means Madame Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society, and after her, Walt Whitman. This was a line of interesting conversation I little expected, and I urged him to tell me more of this outstanding figure in his memory.

She had a profound knowledge of everything apparently, and her method of work was most unusual. I asked him how he accounted for her quotations in full from these very rare and curious volumes. The facts are marvellous, and the explanation must necessarily bewilder those whose consciousness is of a more ordinary type. In her whole life she had not done a tithe of … literary labour, yet I never knew even a managing daily journalist who could be compared with her for dogged endurance or tireless working capacity.

She worked on no fixed plan, but ideas came streaming through her mind like a perennial spring which is overflowing its brim. Her own manuscript was often a sight to behold; cut and patched, re-cut and re-pasted, until if one held a page of it to the light, it would be seen to consist of, perhaps, six or eight or ten slips cut from other pages, pasted together, and the text joined by interlined words or sentences….

One might fancy, upon seeing the numerous quotations in Isis Unveiled that she had written it in an alcove of the British Museum or of the Astor Library in New York. The fact is, however, that our whole working library scarcely comprised one hundred books of reference. Now and again single volumes would be brought her by Mr. Marble or other uvneiled, and, latterly, she borrowed a few from Mr. Of some books she made great use … yet not to exceed the hundred, Ynveiled should say.

Then what books did she consult and what library had she access to? To watch her at work was a rare and never-to-be-forgotten experience.

We sat at opposite ends of one big table usually, and I could see her every movement. Her pen would be flying over the page, when she would suddenly stop, look into space with isiis vacant eye of a clairvoyant seer, shorten her vision as though to look at something held invisibly in the air before her, and begin copying on her paper what she saw.

The quotation finished, her eyes would resume their natural expression, and she would go on writing until again stopped by a similar interruption… [Old Diary Leaves, 1, ]. The above are a few examples of the marvellous story that unfolds as we attempt to discover the beginnings of the Theosophical Society and the knowledge of the inner workings of Nature, Unveied as it came to be called, which the Masters intended the Society to promulgate.

The story has never been written up fully in this way, but it can be pieced together from the various historical accounts, articles and notebooks in which it is preserved. Taken together these all form a vast mass of material which unfortunately has come to be largely neglected, both within and outside of the Society.

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